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Sunday, 02 October 2011 19:26

Book Thoughts - Wyoming Tough

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Wyoming_Tough“Wyoming Tough” by Diana Palmer (contemporary, HQN, October 2011, $6.99, 320pp): Diana Palmer’s books are comfort reads for me, and I will always continue to read her books. Her current works may not move me as much as many of her earlier ones did (and still do), but I can’t resist her stories. Whenever Palmer’s stories are available on NetGalley, I request them – and then curl up in a comfortable chair and enjoy. Fortunately, “Wyoming Tough” lives up to everything that I expect from my comfort reads.


Mallory Kirk is a Wyoming rancher who works his land with his two younger brothers. Like most Palmer heroes, he is often surly, judgmental and even mean, especially to the heroine, Morie Brannt. He has a flashy girlfriend, Gelly Bruner (Gelly, really???) – one whose veneer of glamor fools Mallory for most of the book.



Morie is working as a hand on Mallory’s ranch, trying to learn the basics of ranching and hiding from her wealth family. But, she can’t fly under the radar. She very quickly captures Mallory’s attention, although this makes him even more hostile towards Morie. When Gelly engineers a plot to make it appear as if Morie stole a priceless Kirk family artifact, Mallory fires his young ranch hand.


Shortly thereafter, Mallory learns the truth about Morie and Gelly, throwing his life into disarray. But, there is danger from an unexpected source, and Morie hurries to rescue the man she loves from certain death.


“Wyoming Tough” is a classic Diana Palmer book. There is a young virginal and not-so pretty heroine who makes the hero feel things he would rather not. Both main characters are conservative types who don’t really seem to fit into this too-promiscuous world. And Mallory, the hero, almost wait until it is too late to admit his love to Morie and find his redemption. As usual, it all made me so very happy.


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