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Thursday, 15 September 2011 14:23

Book Thoughts - Lord and Lady Spy

Written by Jennifer Porter
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lord-lady-spy“Lord and Lady Spy” by Shana Galen (historical, Sourcebooks, September 2011, $6.99, 384pp)




The spy theme seems to permeate historical romances these days. While I’m not over this theme, I am careful about reading these books. Yet, I was quite intrigued by Shana Galen’s take on this subject when I read the description of “Lord and Lady Spy.” Two married spies who are unaware of their spouse’s activities? I jumped at the chance to get a review copy. And did it live up to my lofty expectations? Absolutely! Galen crafts a wonderfully tender romance filled with emotional angst and lots of spy-type action and adventure.



Lord Adrian Smythe is cut adrift when he loses that which he cherishes most: his position as a spy within the Barbican group. He returns home, to the wife he doesn’t really know, determined to think about getting an heir and to plan how to get his job back.


His wife, Lady Sophia, has also been relieved of her position within the same organization (sounded like budget cutbacks to me). She can’t conceive of any other way of life, especially since it seems as if her job is the only thing that matters to her. After all, she and Adrian have been living separate lives since a string of devastating miscarriages.


Unsure of how to be married, both Adrian and Sophia jump at the chance to get back into the spy game when given the opportunity. But each is shocked when they attend a meeting and learn that they each have been working for the same organization. They are offered a private job to find a murderer. The one who solves the murder first will be reinstated as a spy.


Not only do Adrian and Sophia have to figure out if their marriage can survive years of lies and loss, but must also compete against each other to earn the one thing each believes is the most important thing in their lives. Along the way, they bicker, get to know each other all over again, solve a murder, rediscover their passion for each other, reevaluate their beliefs and, of course, fall in love.


This story was a delight to read from start to finish. Both characters had issues and hurts that caused each to turn to their job for solace rather than to each other, making their marriage an emotional wasteland. While in some instances, their reconciliation does seem too easy, their careful courtship (while trying to solve the murder) makes for great reading.


I also appreciate the way that Galen wraps up the story. Adrian and Sophia do get their happily ever after, but all of their problems are not miraculously solved. Sophia is still afraid of another miscarriage. Both have to decide about what is best for their future. Continue spying or not? They don’t necessarily know how they will handle their future; they only know that they will handle it together.


Shana Galen continues to impress with her latest romance about married spies learning to love each other. The adventure is fun, the courtship is filled with some sexy tension, and the HEA is enchanting. “Lord and Lady Spy” will capture the hearts of readers.


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