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Book Thoughts - Daring

Written by Jennifer Porter
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daring_200“Daring” by Dee Davis (romantic suspense, Grand Central, July 2011, $1.99, e-novella): Dee Davis’ A-TAC series follows a group of secret, government agents whose base of operations is at an Ivy League college where the operatives masquerade as faculty. “Daring” is an e-novella that takes place between the third and fourth books in the series. The heroine is operative Lara Prescott who lost the man she loved, Jason, as part of the action in the third book, “Desperate Deeds.”


To escape the pain of the events surrounding the death of Jason, Lara left her job at A-TAC and headed to Africa to put her medical degree to good use. Life in Africa is certainly not easy, and after she loses a young patient, Lara turns to Rafe Winters to ease her pain.




Shortly thereafter, the medical camp is attacked and Lara is kidnapped. Somebody seems to know about her background with the CIA. Fortunately, she escapes and runs right into the mysterious Rafe Winters. Is Rafe on her side? Or does he work for the bad guys? Has Lara finally moved on only to learn that she has been betrayed again?


I’m a big fan of Dee Davis’ A-TAC series. I love the premise of secret, super agents hiding on a college campus, ready to fight evil at a moment’s notice. I mean the operatives actually do teach classes and then pack up to go where they are needed. The characters are believable, and the plots keep me glued to my seat. I felt so badly for Lara at the end of “Desperate Deeds,” so I was thrilled to see that she would indeed get a happily ever after.


Novellas can be tough because they don’t give the author as much time to set up and develop relationships – or suspense plots for that matter. Admittedly, I tend to suspend my disbelief more than usual (which I know is much more than most from reading other people’s reviews) because I often lower my expectations. Really, I just want them to entertain me and be easy to read.


Certainly, “Daring” met those two criteria – and far surpassed my usual novella expectations. Lara’s story tugged at my heartstrings in “Desperate Deeds,” which might have made me so happy that Davis decided to continue her story (okay, there is no might here). I love Rafe as an Australian security officer who has his own secret affiliations. If you’re looking for some action, adventure and hot romance in a quick read, give “Daring” a try. It should fit the bill.

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