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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 13:05

Book Thoughts - Make Mine a Bad Boy

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Make_Mine_Bad_boy“Make Mine a Bad Boy” by Katie Lane (contemporary, Grand Central, June 2011, $5.99, 368pp): If you have thought for a moment that your life hasn’t turned out like you expected, reading Katie Lane’s “Make Mine a Bad Boy” might help ease your pain. Hope Scroggs, our heroine, has returned home to Bramble, Texas to put her life back together. Her plans to become a Hollywood star have fizzled in a big way. After years of disappointment, Hope believes that it is time to face her adoring hometown fans and marry her high-school sweetheart.


But things don’t go as expected. The twin sister that Hope’s mother gave up at birth has come to meet her family and ends up marrying Hope’s aforementioned sweetheart. While suffering the indignity of acting as her sister’s maid of honor, Hope has to face the fact her sister has stolen her lifelong dream. Then, her childhood nemesis, Colt Lomax, makes a splash by crashing the wedding and adding insult to injury.



Colt is the antithesis of everything Hope believes that she wants. He drives a motorcycle; he’s an ex-con; he doesn’t seem to care about roots; and their history is extremely rocky. Yet, they can’t seem to stay away from each other – and there is a mighty powerful attraction between them.


What else can happen? Well, if you are a citizen of Bramble, anything. First, someone starts a rumor that Hope is pregnant, and a group of locals decide they must find the babies’ daddy (twins, of course). Then, it becomes clear that the town’s main business is in real trouble. Hope isn’t sure what to do with her life, and Colt isn’t helping any – especially when the pregnancy rumors take on a life of their own.


I picked up “Make Mine a Bad Boy” for two reasons. One, because I was in the mood for something different (I don’t read much straight contemporary romance) and two, because I wanted to read a physical book (it is odd how this happens, but it does). I was deeply engrossed in the story by the end of the first chapter. Hope, as the maid-of-honor at her recently discovered twin sister’s wedding to the man Hope had planned to marry, was hysterical. And then, Colt Lomax crashes the wedding and kisses the bride - believing her to be hope. The wedding was definitely a comedy of errors that had me laughing out loud!


“Make Mine a Bad Boy” is the second book in Katie Lane’s Deep in the Heart of Texas series. The first book, “Going Cowboy Crazy,” tells the story of Hope’s twin sister Faith and Hope’s high school sweetheart, Slate Calhoun. While I had no trouble following Hope and Colt’s story, I do feel as if I would have appreciated the story more had I read “Going Cowboy Crazy” first.


If you are a fan of screwball comedies and hot bad-boy romance, then “Make Mine a Bad Boy” should fit the bill perfectly. Katie Lane’s second book impresses with its quirky town, kooky characters and fresh take on what happens when one’s life doesn’t go quite as planned. It will make you laugh, and then make you sigh contentedly. “Make Mine a Bad Boy” is a highly entertaining ride.


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