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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 14:12

Book Thoughts - Total Abandon

Written by Jennifer Porter
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TotalAbandon_250“Total Abandon” by Opal Carew (erotic romance, St. Martin’s Griffin, April 2011, $14.99, 288pp): No one writes stories about erotic fantasies better than Opal Carew. In her latest book “Total Abandon,” Carew tells the story of Sandra, a woman who has just reached the end of a self-imposed year of celibacy. To celebrate, Sandra’s friend Aimee coaxes Sandra to reveal some of her deepest fantasies –and then writes them down in a list. The list has 8 different fantasies ranging from “be held captive” to “try exhibitionism.”


When their friend Devlin reads the list, he knows that Sandra is ready to move beyond her divorce and face the future. He is in love with Sandra and has been waiting to make his move. However, he doesn’t want to be her rebound guy, nor does he want to stifle her need for sexual exploration. As such, he conspires with Aimee to help Sandra experience every fantasy on her list.



Aimee and her two male friends give Sandra a safe place to play and to let go of her inhibitions. She does indeed fulfill all eight of the fantasies on her list and even has the opportunity to add some other erotic experiences along the way. Devlin waits in the wings, participates when he gets the chance (as an anonymous stranger) and worries about his chances of winning Sandra’s love.


Personally, I don’t find much about Carew’s crafted fantasies realistic. However, this is part of the charm of her books. I prefer not to worry about realistic scenarios or experiences in erotic romances, especially those dealing with fantasies. After all, fantasies are just that for me - fantasies. This allows me to just kick back, relax and read – and not worry about all those things that can seem so impossible in erotic romances (not to mention painful, annoying or just plain wrong). And Carew is a master at providing this type of story.


“Total Abandon” is a very steamy story filled with sexual exploits involving Sandra, Devlin, Aimee and Aimee's two male friends. All are aimed at Sandra's sexual maturation and did not come across as gratuitous (ok, maybe one or two might have :) ), as they lead to Sandra's discovery of her sexual self and her love for Devlin. Kudos to Opal Carew for another well-written erotic romance. I look forward to where she takes us next.


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Author Link: http://www.opalcarew.com

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