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Book Thoughts - Tall, Dark, & Lonely

Written by Jennifer Porter
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tall_dark_lonely“Tall, Dark & Lonely” by R.L. Mathewson (paranormal, R.L. Mathewson, December 2010, $3.99e/$9.99p, 334 pp): I can’t say no to vampire books; I love them. They are usually dark, filled with lots of angst and have fabulously alpha heroes (who bite). So, when author R.L. Mathewson asked about a possible review for her vampire book “Tall, Dark & Lonely,” I said yes. Interestingly, this isn’t a typical vampire story; it has some darkness, but did not have much emotional angst – and the hero, Ephraim isn’t all that alpha. But I guess that could be because Ephraim isn’t really a vampire; he’s a Pyte.


Ephraim is a sheriff in a small New Hampshire town. He lives in a boarding house – and seems to keep pretty much to himself. His quiet life is interrupted by the arrival of the family of the owner of the boarding house, and especially by the arrival of the twenty-something-year-old Madison. Ephraim is immediately filled with a nearly uncontrollable bloodlust when he meets Madison – and has a very difficult time staying away from her.


Madison, on the other hand, isn’t so sure about her move to New Hampshire. She goes because she cannot leave her younger sister and brother at the mercy of their neglectful (and obnoxious) mother. Fortunately, their grandmother takes a real interest in her family and helps to ease Madison’s burden.


Separated a bit from the rest of the household, Madison and Ephraim get to know each other and gradually become romantically involved. Just when their relationship begins to solidify, Ephraim’s vampiric enemies make an appearance. Their appearance threatens Ephraim and Madison’s new-found love – and the lives of those they love.


Now, I enjoyed reading this book. “Tall, Dark & Lonely” has some wonderful characters. Mathewson was definitely able to make me care about them. But, it was at the point where the vampires enter the picture that I realized I was slightly confused. Ephraim is an immortal, blood drinker who walks in the sun. He is a Pyte – not a vampire. His blood is actually deadly to vampires, but they want him because of his ability to walk in the daylight. I got this part, but think that the author never clearly explained what a Pyte was and what the relationship between Pytes and vampires was. I still have lots of questions.


Despite this issue, “Tall, Dark & Lonely” has a strong story and some very engaging characters. I was charmed by both Madison and Ephraim. The plot’s main weakness is that the world-building felt incomplete, especially in relation to the more complete character development. There are a couple of “Eeewww!” moments when Ephraim is consumed by his blood lust. Thoughts of how a creature who requires blood to survive might react during a woman’s menstrual cycle is somewhat unromantic (even if it raises a valid point). But, the bottom line is that Mathewson has written, and self-published, a very readable story with a captivating romance. And for me, if the romance is worthy then I’m happy with the story.


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