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Book Review - All Night With a Rogue

Written by C.M. Lessard, Romance Novel News
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all_night_with_a_rogue_smallRNNREad2-3Hawkins' debut: A tale of deception and redemption



"All Night with a Rogue" (Historical, St. Martin's Paperbacks, 316 pages, $7.99), by Alexandra Hawkins: To escape an impudent ball escort, Lady Juliana Ivers, gown and all, becomes snagged in a hazel tree. If that's not troubling enough, she becomes an unwilling witness to a couple canoodling a few feet below.

Alexius "Sin" Braverton, the Marquess of Sinclair, notices the tree-bound Juliana and discreetly ends his rendezvous with a married lover to focus on the mysterious woman above. Although put off by his lascivious behavior, Juliana is nonetheless attracted by his virile charm. After helping her to get free, he asks for her name, but before he can learn her identity, she races inside to rejoin her family.

"All Night with a Rogue," the first installment of Alexandra Hawkins' Lords of Vice series, captivates from the first chapter.


Most of her characters are dark and deeply flawed. Juliana's mother, Hester, barters her youngest daughter to repay a gambling debt. Sinclair's half-sister, Belinda, asks him to seduce then discard a woman she resents. When Sin realizes that woman and his mystery lady are the same, he undertakes a devious plan of seduction.


Though the story line is predictable, Hawkins adds enough twists and turns _ including an inventive use of pearls _  and ultimately spins a creative tale of deception and redemption.

She also paints a realistic portrait of sibling rivalry, most notably in amusing exchanges between Julia and her sister Lucilla. The uber competition between Sin and his friends, dubbed the Lords of Vice, is ably depicted, laying the groundwork for future novels chronicling the founding members of this notorious gentlemen’s club called Nox.


Hawkins' second installment, "Till Dawn with the Devil," is scheduled for release in August.


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Author Link: http://www.alexandrahawkins.com

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