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Sunday, 13 March 2011 14:45

Book Thoughts - A Lady's Wish

Written by Jennifer Porter
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A_Ladys_Wish"A Lady's Wish" by Katharine Ashe (historical, Avon Impulse, March 2011, $1.99): When presented with the opportunity earlier this week to read Avon Impulse’s first e-novella release, “A Lady’s Wish” by Katharine Ashe, I jumped at the chance. I followed the link in my email immediately and went right to NetGalley to download the story and load it on my Kobo reader. After all, the new line launches on Tuesday, and I admit to being very curious about the venture, its stories, etc. So on Saturday morning, I stayed cuddled up in bed. With the sun streaming through my windows and e-reader in hand, I ventured into Katharine Ashe’s world. And I can say that “A Lady’s Wish” was the perfect way to wake up!


Nikolas Acton has just returned home to England after years at sea fighting against Napoleon. He is at a bit of a crossroads. What is next for him? Agree to return to sea to track down the notorious pirate known as Redstone or maybe start the search for a wife? Unfortunately, there is really only one woman Nikolas can see as his wife – a woman he met many years ago, but whose name he does not know. To shake off maudlin thoughts of lost opportunities, Nikolas agrees to a request from an old comrade-in-arms for help locating a treasure.


Meanwhile, Lady Patricia Morgan, a widow who has her own precious memories of lost love, learns that her dead husband may have left her a hidden treasure. Patricia, otherwise known as Tricky, her sister Calanthia and their senile Aunt Elsbeth set out in hopes of improving their financial situation and maybe a way of finding a way to add some excitement to Tricky’s rather routine existence.


Is it destiny or a twist of fate that reunites Patricia and Nikolas along the way? The two had fallen in love at first sight many years ago, but were torn apart by Patricia’s arranged marriage to Oliver Morgan. Are there other forces at work? Is it coincidence that both Patricia and Nikolas received letters sending them after a treasure? What is the treasure? And more importantly, will Patricia and Nikolas be able to overcome the forces that separated them all those years ago?


Katharine Ashe answers all of these questions quite satisfactorily and provides us with a wonderful happily ever after for Nikolas and Patricia – an admirable feat given the story is just about 100 pages. The story has a fabulous fairly-tale feel, as one can’t help but think there are higher powers at work pushing the hero and heroine in the same direction. There is more to Aunt Elsbeth than it seems, and she certainly reminded me of a slightly dotty fairy godmother.


In addition to the HEA for Nikolas and Patricia, Ashe gives us a teasing glimpse of Alex Savege, the hero of her upcoming full-length release, “Captured by a Rogue Lord.” She has me convinced that I must read about Alex, and his alter ego Redstone.


Avon Impulse picked a winner for the launch of their new digital first line. “A Lady’s Wish” is a very readable and highly engaging novella that is priced appropriately at $1.99. It gives me a positive feel for the new imprint and has me looking forward to reading more of what they have to offer.


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Author Link: http://www.katharineashe.com/

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