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Book Thoughts - Rogue Oracle

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Rogue_Oracle“Rogue Oracle” by Alayna Williams (urban fantasy, Pocket, March 2011, $7.99, 368 pp): As a reviewer, I get lots of books - far too many for me to actually read. I love, however, that when I’m in a reading slump or that I’m in the mood for something different, I can just rummage about my house for something new and intriguing to read. This is how I ended up reading Alayna Williams’ “Rogue Oracle” – an urban fantasy novel that is the second installment in Williams’ Delphic Oracle series.


To start, I haven’t read the first book in the series, “Dark Oracle.” I don’t think that readers will have trouble starting the series with the second book. I have purchased the first because, as a romance novel addict, I want to read about how the main characters met and got together. I also think there may be some valuable information about the heroine and her back story in the first book.


Tara Sheridan is the heroine, a criminal profiler who used to work for the government. She is also an oracle, one who uses Tarot Cards to see the past, to look at the present and to predict the future. She resents her association to the Delphi’s Daughters – a group of female oracles who are supposedly dedicated to peace and the greater good. In “Rogue Oracle,” Tara is reunited with her lover, government agent Henry Li. The two haven’t seen each other for months, but Harry needs help on his latest case – and he believes that Tara’s special and otherworldly skills can help.


Harry and Tara are on a quest to catch a killer – one who is killing ex-spies who worked on a project to recover nuclear materials after the Chernobyl reactor explosion. The killer befuddles investigators because he leaves no trace or evidence. With her Tarot Cards in hand, Tara begins to create a profile and tries to get to know the killer. Meanwhile, she must contend with her dissatisfaction with the Pythia, the leader of Delphi's Daughters, and protect her friend Cassie from them. She is also dealing with confusion over the status of her relationship with Harry. To make matters worse, Tara’s powers seem to be growing leading to some bizarrely portentous dreams.


Then, of course, there is Galen, the villain – a child of Chernobyl bent on wreaking havoc on a world that has moved beyond and forgotten the devastation that shaped his existence. As a result of the disaster, Galen has a unique ability, one that allows him to absorb the existence of others and gain their memories. He is using those memories to find buried nuclear fuel rods that will make a powerful weapon.


“Rogue Oracle” is not a light-hearted, fun-filled or happy read. It is a very powerful story based upon a real and devastating chapter in our history. It is filled with the mysticism of oracles and Tarot Cards, questions about free will versus destiny and thought-provoking commentary on whether the end justifies the means. Williams makes the reader think with “Rogue Oracle,” maybe even question one’s assumptions about how one might react in the face of a catastrophic event and about what choices one might make for the greater good.


Despite the dark subject matter, I found “Rogue Oracle” to be a deeply captivating read – one that I definitely recommend to readers looking for something gritty, thought-provoking and/or challenging. The story isn’t easy to read; it is gruesome at times and may evoke dark and frightening memories for people who remember the Chernobyl disaster. But Williams makes remembering worth it. I can’t wait to read “Dark Oracle” and am looking forward to seeing where Williams takes Tara and Harry next.


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