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Monday, 07 March 2011 18:22

Book Thoughts - The Spy Who Loved Her

Written by Jennifer Porter
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SpyWhoLovedHer72LG“The Spy Who Loved Her” by Melissa Schroeder (historical, Samhain, March 2011, $5.50, novel length): I love historical romances and I can’t resist stories with heroines who are in love with their older brothers’ best friends. Since Melissa Schroeder’s “The Spy Who Loved Her,” fit into both of those categories, I was very anxious to read it – and extremely excited to get a review copy from the author. I devoured the story in almost one sitting as soon as a copy hit my inbox.


For years, Lady Anna Ward has dedicated herself to working with orphaned children, forsaking the more traditional aims of marriage and family. She blames herself for her part in a plot that endangered her cousin’s life (events from a previous book in the series). Her family is very worried about the way that she shuns almost all social contact. In hopes of marrying her off, Anna’s mother demands her re-entrance into the social whirl. On her first evening out, Lady Anna comes face to face with Daniel, the Earl of Bridgerton.


Daniel is a very close family friend who is also making an effort to return to society at his mother’s behest.  He is also best friends with Anna’s older brother Sebastian. Anna has been in love with Daniel for most of her life. He, however, has been busy working as a government spy. Because of his work –and other personal issues, he believes that he cannot ever marry and subject a wife and family to his dangerous lifestyle. He has been avoiding Anna for years because he finds her too tempting.


Once Daniel and Anna’s paths have crossed again, it seems as if fate (and their families) conspires to keep them in each other’s paths. Dangerous complications from Daniel’s past also arise and put Anna in danger, forcing Daniel to keep Anna too close for comfort.


The characters of Anna and Daniel really resonated with me. Both seem to feel a bit apart from society – Daniel because of his spy work and Anna because of her guilt over her past actions. They work so well together – so much so that I a bit wanted to give Daniel a dope slap for avoiding Anna for so long! Fortunately, Daniel redeems himself quite well. Their romance is a winner from start to finish.


 “The Spy Who Love Me” is a fabulous tale of two people who finally find their way to each other. Schroeder does an excellent job at building up the romantic tension. It takes quite some time before the two even share their first kiss (but it was well worth the wait). From the moment that Daniel and Anna shared their first waltz, I could not put the book down. I highly recommend this book to fans of historical romance – it is definitely a winner!


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