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Sunday, 16 May 2010 12:45

Book Thoughts - Men of Danger

Written by Jennifer Porter
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menofdangerlgThese four tales of romantic suspense will delight

“Men of Danger” (Contemporary, St. Martin’s, 384 pages, $7.99) with stories by Lora Leigh, Red Garnier, Alexis Grant and Lori O’Clare: “Men of Danger” is a collection of four novellas featuring men who are called upon to protect the women in their lives.


“Hannah’s Luck” is connected to Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops series and features Sheriff Rick Grayson and kindergarten teacher Hannah Brookes. It picks up the thread of events from the book “Wild Card” in which Grayson’s wife was one of the villains. Unfortunately, years later some of his late wife’s partners target Hannah and inadvertently force Rick to reveal his true feelings for the teacher. It is very gratifying to see the beleaguered sheriff find someone who is worth of him – and to finally see the remaining members of the white supremacist militia captured.


In “Reckless,” Red Garnier weaves an emotional tale of lovers separated by tragedy and amnesia. Several years after an attack that left her father dead and robbed her of her memories, Paige Avery returns to Phoenix to sell the family home. When her house is broken into, police detective Zach Rivers comes to investigate. Zach and Paige had been secretly dating before the day her father died, and Zach cannot stop himself from protecting the woman he still loves. As the murderer resurfaces and makes several attempts on Paige’s life, she puts her faith in Rick and rediscovers the life that has been taken away from her.


Alexis Grant’s contribution is “Tempt Me,” an appealing story of two people from very different places in life, one is a famous rap musician and the other is special forces, who find that they badly need what the other offers. Anita Brown is sick of her family’s habit of using her as a meal ticket. She fires them all and hires an outside agency to hire security for a tour of the Middle East. Zach Mitchell becomes Anita’s bodyguard. The two bond over their shared childhoods spent in the projects and fall in love while trying to figure out who besides Anita’s family is cheating her.


“Love Me to Death” is written by Lori O’Clare and is a well-crafted story of a homicide detective and FBI agent who meet while trying to find a serial killer. Ashley Jones isn’t sure how she feels about the mysterious FBI agent, Chase Reed, who doesn’t want to be officially on the case. Yet, he has valuable information and insights about the killer. As Chase breaks through Ashley’s tough exterior, they find that the killer is closer than either realized.


I can’t quite remember the last time anthology I read where I actually enjoyed all of the stories. This made “Men of Danger” a very memorable read for me.

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