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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 13:28

Book Review - Against the Wind

Written by Sarah M. Anderson, Romance Novel News
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againstwind“Against the Wind” (Contemporary, MIRA, $7.99) by Kat Martin: After her abusive husband is murdered, Sarah Allen is looking for a safe place to raise her daughter Holly. Her husband may be gone, but his business associates keep calling, looking for an incriminating file they believe she has.


Sarah returns to her hometown of Wind Canyon, Wyoming, and rents a cabin owned by Jackson Raines - the man she humiliated in high school. Back then, Jackson was a poor kid from the rough side of town. Now a successful rancher, he hasn’t forgotten about Sarah’s stinging, public rejection of him. He wants her off his property, but when her husband’s associates threaten Sarah and her family, it’s obvious that she is in trouble – and Jackson is a noble cowboy who’s not afraid to brawl.


At times, “Against the Wind” comes off as mechanical. It’s as if it was written from a formulated outline where details are filled in matter-of-factly, however, it isn’t enough to derail the story.


Author Kat Martin does an excellent job of painting Sarah’s vain and conceited past while showing how maturity and motherhood has changed her for the better. Holly is a cute kid who grounds both Sarah and Jackson, keeping their relationship convincing.


The author smoothly introduces Jackson’s brothers, Gabe and Devlin, known as the “no-account Raines boys,” building solid interest in the next two books of the series.


“Against the Fire,” the second Raines book, is scheduled for release in February.


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