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Monday, 27 September 2010 13:51

Book Review - Seducing the Duchess

Written by C.M. Lessard, Romance Novel News
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SEDUCING_THE_DUCHESS“Seducing the Duchess” (Historical, Signet Eclipse, $6.99), by Ashley March: The Duke of Rutherford wants his wayward wife back. After three years of neglect and cruelty, Philip has decided to woo his wife Charlotte and revive their marriage. But it won’t be easy.  

While Philip had set his wife aside in favor of his mistress, Charlotte has been living a separate life, coquetting and carousing with other men. She hopes her scandalous behavior will make Philip petition for a divorce - but he kidnaps her instead.


Philip takes her to their country estate, far from the distractions of London, to carry out his plan, however, Charlotte is not easily swayed.


Philip eventually agrees to a divorce in three months time if Charlotte would agree to help him find a more suitable wife. He also asks her to instruct him on becoming an ideal husband for his next wife.


“Seducing the Duchess” is a compelling read by Ashley March, who provides a second chance for a couple in a dismal and destructive marriage.  


Philip is a remorseful antihero who seduced and married the innocent Charlotte in a plan of revenge against her brother. After consummating the marriage on their wedding night, Philip broke Charlotte’s heart by revealing that he only pretended to love her.


Readers would no doubt despise Philip if it were not for his redemptive pursuit. He admits to his failings and bad behavior, which is partially attributed to a strict upbringing by his merciless grandfather.


March does leave a few loose ends. Charlotte’s brother Ethan, who is the initial object of Philip’s revenge, never makes an appearance, and there is no reconciliation between Charlotte and her estranged parents, who disowned her after she married Philip against their wishes.


March’s best moments are the enticing debates that pit man against wife as they campaign to get the upper hand. Just when the reader thinks one of them is in the lead, the other unexpectedly turns the tables.


“Seducing the Duchess” will undoubtedly appeal to all fans of historical romance.


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