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Book Review - My Lord Scandal

Written by B.A. Ruggiero, Romance Novel News
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MyLordScandalRNNREad2-3“My Lord Scandal” (Historical, Signet Eclipse, $6.99), by Emma Wildes


A well-known rogue, Alexander St. James is ordered to break into the home of Lord Hathaway, a family rival, to steal a key in order to prevent a family scandal. 
But Alex doesn’t expect to run into Lord Hathaway’s beautiful daughter Lady Amelia Patton.  While hiding on her balcony, he spies on her as she undresses. 


The quiet and beguiling Amelia has led a sheltered life in the country, surrounded by books. Her first season proves taxing as her father wishes to quickly marry her off.  After kissing Alex, Amelia believes she has found her love match.  Unfortunately, Alex is the last person Lord Hathaway would ever allow her to marry.


A series of old love letters sent anonymously to Amelia and Alex reveal an adulterous affair between their relatives. Digging deeper, the couple learn of a tragic suicide and a murder by duel. Will the missing key unlock information that may best remain buried?


Star-crossed Alex and Amelia, refusing to deny the love between them, face an uncertain future while attempting to discover the truth behind their feuding families.


Emma Wilde’s characters are well-rounded and intriguing; her dialogue is witty and entertaining. Readers will be surprised by the actions of the unconventional Amelia. Alex is the quintessential dashing rake with a tender heart and minor characters add doses of humor, as well as sadness, to this Romeo & Juliet-type tale.

“My Lord Scandal,” the first installment in “The Notorious Bachelors” series, is a delightful page-turner.  Wildes weaves a dark mystery into the romance plot that will keep the reader in suspense throughout.


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