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Q & A with Sara Lindsey

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saralindseyportrait2Earlier this year, historical romance author Sara Lindsey released her debut novel, "Promise Me Tonight," about a determined and, at times, infatuated Isabella Weston and her quest to marry James Sheffield, her neighbor and brother's best friend.  She has loved him all her life.  The story spans five years taking Isabella, or Izzy as she is known, from a 14-year-old girl with a crush, to a stunning beauty that James is unable to ignore.


James has had difficulties learning to love after losing his parents at the age of ten and having been sent to live with his grandfather in a home void of affection. When Izzy manipulates James into marriage, he selfishly abandons her. Izzy retreats to her Aunt Kate's castle in Scotland along with her younger sister Olivia. While at the castle, the sisters discover a library in need of reorganizing.  The sisters come across a love poem and diary which piques their curiosity.


When James eventually comes to his senses, he must work his way back into his wife's heart.


Lindsey's second book, "Tempting the Marquess," picks up immediately after with Olivia accompanying her Aunt Kate to Wales to visit her stepson Jason Traherne, the current Marquess of Sheldon, to celebrate Christmas. Olivia is intrigued by the man she read about in the diary and hopes to bring him some peace. Jason, however, is a brooding widower who has disengaged himself from society. He is not happy with the young intruder and makes her feel unwelcome.


As Olivia and Jason get to know each other and Jason succumbs to his desires, their relationship is tested when Jason is again betrayed by a woman he cares for.


SaraLindseyCoversSara Lindsey, a California native, recently answered five questions about her series and her personal love of books. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in information and library science in New York City. 


  1. What was the inspiration for the Weston series? Can you briefly describe the series? Since there are many Weston siblings, who will the third book will be about?

    The seven Weston siblings all have Shakespearean names and, much to their mother's dismay, an affinity for impropriety. As soon as I started writing romance, I knew I wanted to write a series. I love getting glimpses of characters after they get their HEA (Happily Ever After) ending, and family series are a perfect way to write new love stories with cameos of characters from past books. There are already many beloved historical romance families (Johanna Lindsey's Mallorys, Jo Beverley's Mallorens, and Julia Quinn's Bridgertons), but I hope readers will take a chance on the Westons.

    The first book, "Promise Me Tonight," is about the boy next door and Isabella Weston, (the eldest daughter) who drives him wild. Next is "Tempting the Marquess," in which Olivia Weston (daughter #2) tempts a brooding widower to love again. The third Weston book, "A Rogue for All Seasons," finds Henry Weston (the eldest) discovering the woman he always thought he'd never want might be the one he can't live without.
  2. In your first book, “Promise Me Tonight,” the chapters begin with letters from main character Isabella to various family members throughout her life. What was the purpose of those letter entries?

    As a reader, I adore epigraphs, so I was eager to use them in my own books. Isabella's letters have a few purposes. They allow the reader to connect with Isabella on the intimate level one gets from reading someone else's correspondence. The letters also allowed me to show the reader just how long-standing is Isabella's love for James without having to insert flashbacks from her childhood. Isabella does a lot of growing-up over the course of the book, and hopefully the letters reinforce her growth. Finally, the letters presage the events of each particular chapter. That's a lot of functions for those little letters, especially since when I started writing them my only purpose was to amuse the reader!
  3. In both books, “Promise Me Tonight” and “Tempting the Marquess,” there is a similar theme. The heroes have loved, then lost and are afraid to love again. Is this a theme that has personal meaning to you?

    There’s no real personal meaning attached to this particular theme. Everything really comes back to my own preferences as a reader. I love tortured heroes who learn, with the help of the heroine, to embrace love and life.
  4. It is quite obvious that books play a major role in your novels. Readers will not be surprised to learn that you are pursuing a graduate degree in information and library science. Did you intentionally use your novels as a platform to advocate for books?

    I wish I had that kind of foresight! The truth is, so many romance readers have voracious appetites for books (and I count myself among them), I seized on the opportunity to forge a bookish bond between my readers and my heroines. That said, Olivia’s propensity for organizing books developed during my Knowledge Organization class – they do say, write what you know!
  5. What are your feelings about the state of U.S. libraries today? What do you hope to change, influence or contribute to these institutions after you graduate?
    I think libraries (and librarians) in the U.S. are often under-utilized in today’s society. Thanks to advances in technology, it is increasingly easy to access unprecedented amounts of information which is, by and large, a good thing, but we often accept the information we receive without probing deeper. Librarians can help us effectively navigate this vast sea of information and technology.

    I would love to see popular fiction become more widely accepted and respected by librarians. Reading for pleasure has been shown to have important impact on personal and professional success, and I believe it is important for librarians to promote the activity of reading as much as they promote improving content.


Sara's third book in the Weston series, "A Rogue for All Seasons," is scheduled for release in May 2011.


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