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Romance Recommendations for February 6, 2018

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Looking for something to read this week? I’ve got some new romances that might fit the bill.

OffLimitsOff Limits by Clare Connelly (contemporary, Harlequin Dare, February 2018): Off Limits by Clare Connelly is one of the first books in Harlequin’s new Dare Line which promised to be a super sexy line set in glamorous cities across the world. In Off Limits, billionaire businessman Jack Grant and his blue-blooded right-hand woman (and in house counsel) Lady Gemma Pictou finally give into a longstanding and long-denied attraction. The sex is intense and plentiful (the Dare line does live up to its super sexy promise) as is the emotion. Jack is a bit of the standard billionaire alpha douchebag hero who bangs anything that moves. He is a self-tortured soul, who lost his wife and tries to soothe his loneliness with as many women as possible. However, Gemma is different and Jack can’t move on after what was supposed to be a one-time encounter.

Off Limits is also high on angst - with Jack’s lost love and Gemma’s worry about her job and her developing feelings for her boss. I was surprised by Jack’s depth; there was more to him than I originally assumed given his manwhorish ways - and in the end, I found him worthy of Gemma’s love. If Off Limits is indicative of Harlequin’s new Dare line, I am looking forward to more. This one had a great blend of eroticism and romance.

onedgescandalOn the Edge of Scandal by Tamsen Parker (contemporary, St. Martins, February 2018, Snow & Ice Games, book 3): Bronwyn Perry is a member of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team competing in the Snow and Ice Games. After a messy and very public breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Bronwyn turns to her coach, Ash Levenson, for comfort and finds so much more. The problem, of course, is the fact that Ash is Bronwyn’s coach while on the national team, but he is also the coach of a college women’s hockey team and Bronwyn is still in school. Their relationship is forbidden, and they must hide their emotional connection from everyone - and in an unexpected twist, they do. Their conflict has more to do with how they handle their newfound love. Ash is older than Bronwyn and deals with chronic pain from his own hockey days; these add to the pressure that both characters face especially given that they are at such different points in their lives (Bronwyn is still in college and just starting out in her hockey career while Ash is an established women’s hockey coach).

On the Edge of Scandal is a great choice for those looking for a hockey-themed romance with a female hockey player as its main character. It is a sexy romance with a taboo flavor to it (one of Tamsen Parker’s strengths).

twistoffateTwist of Fate by Jennifer Dawson (contemporary, self published, February 2018, Love & Other Disasters, book 3): Jennifer Dawson’s Twist of Fate has a great opening where its two main characters end up in an Uber together - very unhappily. Jace Miller is headed to an important interview and ends up being late because of his Uber share with Fleur LaChance. Fleur makes it court on time, but isn’t charmed by Jace at all. When the two run into each other soon after, they continue their verbal sparring which is backed by some serious sizzle. They soon learn that their first impressions of each other weren’t entire accurate and that they are very good together.

Twist of Fate is a great frenemies-to-lovers romance that packs a ton of heat (which is indicative of Jennifer Dawson’s books). Jace and Fleur may resist their feelings at first, but are perfect for each. Fleur is a kick-ass heroine who is a confident and outspoken women. She and Jace do have to figure out whether their relationship is worth it when their work takes them in different directions, but I appreciated the way that they worked together to find a compromise. This is a very sexy and entertaining read!

EdgeDarknessEdge of Darkness by Karen Rose (romantic suspense, Berkley, February 2018, the Cincinnati Series): I believe that this is my first Karen Rose book ever. I admittedly have been put off my the length of them and by the subject matter of some (I find reading books where children are victims difficult at times). But Edge of Darkness was everything a romantic suspense book should be; it had a wonderful and emotionally fraught romance and an intense and evil suspense plot. Adam Kimble is a homicide detective and a newly recovering alcoholic. He has been through hell and has been hiding from the women he wants to love, Dr. Meredith Fallon. Meredith has just about given up on Adam who walked away from her. However, things change dramatically when Meredith is targeted by a killer.

Adam is the lead investigator on Meredith’s case, a very twisted and gruesome case that involves a very evil bad guy, a college co-ed prostitution ring and some serious corruption. It is amazing that Adam and Meredith can find any amount of happiness and comfort with each other in the midst of the awfulness that surrounds them, but I was so glad that they had each other. I have to say Rose puts Adam through the wringer in Edge of Darkness; I couldn’t believe how many knocks he takes over the course of the story. He desperately needs Meredith and the love that she offers him. Edge of Darkness was a roller coaster read from start to finish, but one I could not put down. This one is not for the faint of heart, but it delivers an unforgettable edge-of-your-seat suspense story.

ShatteredImageShattered Fear by Tara Thomas (romantic suspense, St. Martins, February 2018, Sons of Broad series, novella #1): Shattered Fear is the first installment in a three part romantic suspense novel following the romance of cop Janie Roberts and the wealthy Brent Taylor. Janie is undercover at a gentlemen’s club, tending bar while looking for a serial killer. Brent is a suspect, but one that Janie can’t resist getting involved with. The two start dating and then the case heats up.

Shattered Fear is very short. It chronicles the beginning of Janie and Brent’s romance and introduces some important characters to the Sons of Broad series (ie The Gentleman). The books in the series (Shattered Fear, Hidden Fate and Twisted End make up one full romance) are connected by a larger suspense plot which is broken down into smaller pieces for each romance. This means that the series should be read in order. It is difficult to make a judgement about Shattered Fear without having read Hidden Fate and Twisted End as well. I was intrigued by the suspense plot enough to continue reading. We shall see how things work out.

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