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Reviews for Books out Week of December 4, 2017

Written by Jennifer Porter
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LoveOnTheTracksLove on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker (contemporary, Swerve, December 2017)

Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker is a contemporary romance, the first in the Snow and Ice Games series featuring a rock star hero and an athlete heroine (in luge) who fake a relationship for the media. But the feelings that these two have for each other are not in any way fake and what starts out as a stunt turns into the real deal. This is a fun, feel-good romance with a sexually-strong heroine who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. One thing that stands out in this book is how Parker deals with the issue of sexual consent. These two actually talk before they get intimate and are explicit about their intentions to have sex together. Zane is very clear about needing permission - and Parker is able to make this point without it being pedantic or taking the reader out of the story.



In line with this, Love on the Tracks is a very sex positive book. While the heroine Rowan isn’t overly experienced, she isn’t shy about her desires and needs - and the fact that she wants Zane to help her fulfill them. While there is no kink in this story, Rowan is the sexual aggressor for many of their encounters. I found this to be wonderful as I quite adore sexually confident female characters in romance. There is also a great deal of information about sports in the story, particularly luge (which I found fascinating). Rowan also has to deal with her father and his expectations for her; Zane has to deal with his career, his fame and his agents expectations for him; but the best parts of this story are where Zane and Rowan interact and fall in love. This story is a fantastic start to a new, sexy series about athletes at the Snow and Ice Games. I am quite looking forward to the rest of the books.

OnceUponChristmasOnce Upon a Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt (historical novella, Forever Yours, December 2017)

Once Upon a Christmas Eve is a novella set in Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane world and has a rakish and bah humbug hero and a heroine who has no tolerance for rakes who are thrown together during a Christmas storm. Adam Rutledge, Viscount d’Arque, and Sarah St. John have crossed paths before - and Sarah has made her disdain for lord plain. However, Christmas is a time for miracles, especially when two people are forced into close proximity. These two like to pick at each other, but there is an underlying attraction that grows quickly.

Once Upon a Christmas Eve is a quick, but comforting read that is perfect for the holiday season. The romance happens fast; not a surprise given that this is a novella. It is a wonderful addition to the Maiden Lane series which has been completed. Fans of the series will not want to miss this one.

RuggedTexasCowboyThe Rugged Cowboy by Lora Leigh (contemporary, St. Martins, December 2017)
The Rugged Cowboy is a reprinted edition of two of Lora Leigh’s older erotic romances published by Ellora’s Cave: The Cowboy and the Captive and The Cowboy and the Thief. Both are classic Lora Leigh stories with alpha men and the women who fall for them. In The Cowboy and the Captive, Luc Jardin kidnaps a woman who has caused him trouble. Unfortunately, he ends up kidnapping her twin sister Melina instead. The story is highly convoluted and there is an overly dramatic plot surrounding Melina, her evil twin and her family’s inability to actually love their not-evil daughter that will take some suspension of disbelief to follow. However, this story has lots of hot sexy times packed into it.

The Cowboy and the Thief is the story of Jack (who helps Luc kidnap Melina in the first story) and Angel, and Irish lass who is determined to get her family’s torque back. Angel is the thief who breaks into Jack’s home to retrieve the torque - and is caught red-handed. The torque, of course, has mystical powers and is set to work its magic on Jack and Angel. This is my favorite of the two stories and is also highly erotic. Both stories are a bit dated as they were published over ten years ago, but they are great examples of Lora Leigh’s early erotic romance storytelling.

LadyinRedThe Lady in Red by Kelly Bowen (historical, Forever Yours, December 2017)
This historical romance is a novella set in Kelly Bowen’s A Season for Scandal series and is a delightful romance between two artists. Lady Charlotte Beaumont has aspirations of making lofty art that is generally denied women. She uses all of the resources at her disposal to get an opportunity to get a commission to paint a mural at a church. Her wish is granted and she disguises herself as a man to complete the job with another artist, Flynn Rutledge. For most of the story, Flynn does not know Charlotte’s secret. It isn’t until Charlotte is injured that Flynn realizes that she is a woman. Fortunately, he has come to respect and admire her talent and her work.

Once the secret is out, a relationship between the two develops very quickly. The biggest stumbling block is Charlotte’s aristocratic heritage and Flynn’s belief that all aristocratic women are users. But Charlotte has a plan to prove her love to Flynn that works wonders. This is another quick read, but one that made my heart so very happy. I am a big fan of this entire series.

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