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Review: Soft Limits by Brianna Hale

Written by Jennifer Porter
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SoftLimitsSoft Limits by Brianna Hale (erotic, Carina, October 2017)

Frederic d’Estang: performer, professional villain and my youthful crush.

Graduate student Evie Bell spends her days ghostwriting memoirs and her nights playing out her most intimate sexual fantasies by penning fan fiction. When a famous stage actor bursts into her life, she’s drawn to his dark, sensual presence, despite herself.

He calls me chérie, ma princesse, minette.

In Paris, Frederic takes Evie firmly in hand, leading her down a sensual path neither of them could have imagined, and pushing them both dangerously near their limits.

I call him Daddy.

Evie is wary—fearing Frederic is a villain both onstage and off—but again and again, Frederic draws her in. Yet the closer they become, the more Frederic holds back, wanting to protect Evie from his despicable truth. He isn’t the man she believes him to be, and his secret may very well destroy them.


Soft Limits is Brianna Hale’s latest erotic romance that explores the kinky relationship between the established and famous stage actor Frederic d’Estang and the young graduate student Evie Bell. Frederic is a harsh and sadistic task master who takes Evie on an arduous sexual journey that fulfill her hidden and burgeoning desires. This journey is an intense one, and despite the book’s title, there is nothing soft about the kink embraced within it. It is also important to note that the dynamic between these two is a daddy/little girl one which won’t be for all readers. However, those that dare to read this one will find an unforgettable romance that is driven by a dark erotic journey with Gothic undertones.

Evie is a graduate student who also ghost writes memoirs when she has time. When Frederic, who is a friend of her father’s, needs someone to write his own memoirs, it seems perfect for Evie to tackle the task. The two travel to Paris to work together. Frederic is rehearsing for a new production and trying to record some his his best work. He is under a tight deadline because he is dealing with some serious voice issues (issues which he keeps to himself). Meanwhile, Evie works to interview people from Frederic’s past to pull together his story.

There is a stark sexual tension between these two right from the start. Frederic has very kinky and sadistic sexual desires that he tries to protect Evie from initially. However, he knows that she has some similar desires after mistakenly reading some of her kink-laden fan fiction. It doesn’t take long for the tension to explode, despite Frederic’s reservations. Evie isn’t entirely sure where her dark fantasies will take her, but Frederic does. The two begin a daddy/little girl relationship which is one that is both fulfilling and scary for Evie.

There is a Gothic feel to Soft Limits as Frederic has a brooding-Mr. Rochester way about him. Is he a villain come to despoil the innocent young girl? Or is there more to their relationship? It is this questionable dynamic that makes the story so compelling, however. Frederic is only human - a man who is drowning under the weight of his secret even as he is falling in love. Evie is a bit of a blank slate, but one that reacts strongly to Frederic’s darkness.

Evie does have some trouble coming to terms with everything that her daddy/little girl relationship with Frederic means, but the major source of conflict is the secret that Frederic keeps and how he reacts when the secret becomes public knowledge. He absolutely sabotages his relationship with Evie and then has a big hole out of which he must climb.

All of Brianna Hale’s books feature daddy kink, and they are all excellently executed. Soft Limits has a harder and darker edge to it than her others, but it fits its main couple so very well. The kinky sex is plentiful and blistering and might steam up your ereader. This is a book that fans of BDSM and daddy kink in romance must not miss. It also might interest those who enjoy a harder level of sadism and/or masochism. At this point, I think Brianna Hale owns daddy kink in the erotic romance arena.

Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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