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Sunday, 05 November 2017 15:39

Review: Done Deal by Lynda Aicher

Written by Jennifer Porter
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DoneDealDone Deal by Lynda Aicher (erotic, Carina, October 2017)

Series: The Boardroom, series intro novella

Power. Wealth. Respect.

The members of the Boardroom share these things—and more—in this new erotic romance series from Lynda Aicher, author of the bestselling Wicked Play books



In the Boardroom, exhilarating pleasures happen after-hours.

At night, behind the closed doors of the Boardroom, it’s members only. Stripped of their inhibitions, Bay Area moguls are free to indulge their most extreme fantasies, and business becomes pleasure.

Never in his dirtiest dreams did CEO Trevor James expect to see Danielle Stables on the guest list.

There’d always been something unspoken between them—a spark yet to ignite. An inscrutable and defiant player in the firm, Danielle exudes power and secrets. Tonight she is going to surrender. No strings. No judgments. No boundaries.

By dawn, the games between them will have only just begun.

When I read the summary of Done Deal, the story introducing Lynda Aicher’s new series The Boardroom, I was intrigued. There was no way I could resist a series about a boardroom that becomes a sexual playground after hours. I was immediately reminded me of Joey W. Hill’s Knights of the Boardroom series which has tons of kinky boardroom sex.

Done Deal is a short introduction to the series, a teaser if you will, in which we meet Trevor and Danielle. Trevor James is the company’s CEO and one of the founders of the Boardroom. He is excited when he sees that Danielle Stables on the guest list one night on the app  that controls the Boardroom’s play. There is a deep and intense history between Trevor and Danielle that we can only guess at in this story. Their main interaction is in the Boardroom for a night of pleasure and sexy play.

This one is a quick and dirty read that is mostly intended to introduce the series and to whet readers’ appetites for more. The bad news is that we all have to wait until later in the series to find out what happens after Trevor and Danielle’s night together. The good news is that the Boardroom is hot and happening. There hasn’t been this much sex in the boardroom since the aforementioned Joey W. Hill series.

Lynda Aicher: https://www.lyndaaicher.com/

Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the publisher.

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