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Review: Taken by Jennifer Dawson

Written by Jennifer Porter
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TakenTaken by Jennifer Dawson (erotic, self published, October 2017)




Series: Undone, book 4


Brandon Townsend III


Rich, beautiful and entitled, once upon a time he was king of the trust fund babies. He took anything and anyone he wanted, until one day, he walked away without explanation. Now, he's an untouchable mystery, one I'm determined to crack. And I'm not talking about anything mundane like his bed. No, I want something far more valuable.


I want into his head.


Veronica Westwood has blown into my life creating chaos in her wake, and I don't know quite what to do with her. Rich, beautiful and entitled, she represents everything I've sworn off in life, and her being unexpectedly clever doesn't change that. Instincts warn me to stay away, and that's just what I intend to do, no matter her attempts to wear me down. I'm good at saying no, or at least I was until I met her. I don't understand it, but she's like a weakness, and a man like me can't have weakness.


I simply won't allow it.


Jennifer Dawson’s Undone series is one of my favorite erotic romance series - hands down. From the moment that I read Michael and Layla’s story in Crave, I was hooked. And of course, I fell in love with Brandon Townsend III as soon as he was introduced. The wait for his book has been long and painful, but it is finally here in Taken, the fourth book in the series. Taken surprised me in several ways, but was a perfect romance for the enigmatic and hardcore Brandon.


The biggest surprise that Jennifer Dawson had in store for me in this book was Brandon’s heroine, Veronica Westwood. Veronica is part of the rich and entitled world that Brandon seems to hate so much. She is a very strong and vocal woman - not so much the type of woman Brandon has seemed to favor throughout the series. Generally, the women Brandon has been with have been outwardly submissive and obsessed with pleasing him. Veronica, on the other hand, is very outspoken and is not part of the kink scene that is so important to Brandon and his friends. But Veronica and Brandon end up being quite perfect for each other.


Veronica seems to wake up one day and realize that she is not really living. She has simply gone along with the plans that her parent’s have made for her life. But when she gets offered a job that her parents helped her get, Veronica decides that enough is enough. She declines the job offer, breaks up with her fiance and decides to move out of her family-bought condo. When she runs into Brandon at a society affair, she figures that he could be the solution to her problems. She decides that she needs to work for Brandon in order to figure out how he escaped societal expectations and made his own life.


Brandon is not interested in offering Veronica a job at all. But she is not willing to take no for an answer. As the two jockey for position (their relationship is an intense power struggle), an intense attraction develops. This makes Brandon even more determined to stay away from Veronica. Yet, Veronica does wear him down. And honestly, I think that Veronica’s persistence is one of the reasons that Brandon can’t resist her.


Once Brandon agrees to hire Veronica to manage his club, he has another problem - how to introduce her to kink. As the club manager, Veronica will be working during kinky events. To this end, Brandon introduces her to his friends (the couples from the earlier books). Of course, Veronica fits in better than Brandon could have expected which makes their attraction to each other burn hotter.


Brandon fights his desire for Veronica - hard, mostly because she works for him and he has a rule against fraternization. But every interaction that these two have is fraught with sexual overtones that eventually burst forth. When they do, Brandon finds a strong woman who compliments him and who finds great joy in submitting to him (and in challenging him). This makes the sex scene burn. Brandon demands control, has a bit of a sadistic side and is quite the dirty talker.


From beginning to end, Taken is the perfect romance for Brandon, the kinky savant of the Undone series. All of his friends finally get to offer him their advice (one of my favorite parts of this one). He meets his match in Veronica, a woman who will keep him on his toes even as she relishes his dominant sexuality. The kinky sex is off the charts hot (a running theme in this entire series). You do not want to miss Brandon’s fall. I highly recommend Taken - as well as the other books in this series, Crave, Sinful, Unraveled (novella) and Debauched.


Jennifer Dawson: http://jenniferdawsonauthor.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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