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Saturday, 30 September 2017 12:35

Review: In Her Court by Tamsen Parker

Written by Jennifer Porter
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InHercourtIn Her Court by Tamsen Parker (contemporary, self published, September 2017)


Series: Camp Firefly Falls, book 18 (continuity series by multiple authors)


Newly minted professor Evangeline “Van” Thompson’s academic dreams have turned into nightmares. She can’t wait to escape the pressure cooker of the university to spend the summer at Camp Firefly Falls with her bestie, Nate.



Unfortunately, Nate breaks his leg halfway through the season, and his little sister Willa fills in for him as resident tennis instructor. Van has fond memories of the blonde moppet, but when Willa shows up at camp, she’s not so little anymore. She’s grown into a bombshell and a menace on the tennis court—why do those skirts have to be so short, anyway?


Willa Carter has had a crush on Van Thompson since the third grade but Van’s always been more interested in hanging out with Willa’s older brother. Not much seems to have changed—Van’s managing the camp’s web presence while Willa rocks her tennis whites.


Camp will be closing in a few weeks, and Van’s barely spoken to Willa despite sharing a cabin. But when the two get thrown together to plan the last session of camp, s’mores might not be the only thing getting sticky and sweet before the season’s out…


I admit that I never had the fun of going away to camp during the summer, but I’ve always thought it sounded like fun. And the Camp Firefly Falls series, a series set around a newly renovated summer camp for adults only, is almost exactly what I pictured summer camp to be. I haven’t read all of the books in this series, but have enjoyed all of the ones that I have. In Her Court is no exception. Tamsen Parker brings the sweet and the sexy to this romance where two very different women find love together.


This romance features a college professor who is having misgivings about her chosen profession and a PhD student who is just starting her career in academia. Van is the professor who agrees to work with her best friend Nate at Camp Firefly Falls for the summer. But when Nate breaks his leg, he asks his younger sister Willa to take his place teaching tennis at the camp. Van is not happy with the change. Van is a bit awkward in her social interactions and she has all sorts of feelings about Willa taking Nate’s place - feelings that she doesn’t quite know what to do with. Meanwhile, Willa has always had a crush on Van.


It takes a bit for Van to get over her awkwardness (read avoidance of) with Willa. Van doesn’t think that she and Willa are compatible as she thinks of Willa as an athletic type not an academic one. Fortunately, they find some common ground when they are asked to collaborate on an 80s themed event for the campers. And this is where Van and Willa’s romance really takes off, when they bond over common, geeky interests (and sharing of new ones) like Ghostbusters, Star Wars, etc.


Van and Willa grow close as they make their plans, and find that they are quite compatible sexually. There is some hot cosplay between the two which is one of my favorite moments of the book. While Van is a lesbian who is confident in her sexual capabilities with women, Willa is bisexual and doesn’t have the same level of experience. However, she is attracted to Van and wants to have a relationship with the other woman. I adored these two together. While it takes Van a while to open herself up to Willa (and to get over her issues), these two are wonderful together. Their relationship has a super sweet and very sexy feel to it. Undoubtedly, Van and her issues with her job and her fears about telling Nate about her burgeoning relationship with Willa are the main conflicts. Despite being the older character, Van has some growing up to do in order to find her HEA with Willa.


Many of Tamsen Parker’s romances have an edge to them (probably due to the fact that most feature BDSM and taboo subjects), but In Her Court does not. Willa and Van’s romance is playful and fun as well as sexy. This romance is a great read that will have readers longing for the youthful days of summer camp.


Tamsen Parker: http://www.tamsenparker.com


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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