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#RomBkLove Day 31 Anything Else To Say About Sex in Romance?

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RomBkLoveDay31SmallSo it is has been a great time this month talking about sex in romance novels. We’ve covered lots of topics, but probably not everything. But there is one more day in July’s #RomBkLove and I’d like people to use it for anything they think may have have been left out, any thoughts they have about sex in romance, or mentions of any sexy or erotic books they feel may have been overlooked. What did we miss?


One thing that I don’t think we talked about are those great erotic moments in books where there isn’t any physical intercourse. Things can be erotic and sexy without actual sex. An example of this for me is Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein and Cara McKenna. This book is highly erotic and filled with so much sexual tension, but there is no sexual activity - in fact the two characters never actually meet face to face; the only communicate via text.


Similarly, there is some extremely hot sexual in M. O’Keefe’s Everything I Left Unsaid (the first of a two-book romance) generated over the phone. The two main characters don’t meet each other until late in the book, but do have some passionate phone sex which ratchets up the sexual tension.

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