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#RomBkLove Day 29 Sex Toys in Romance

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RomBkLoveDay29SmallFor #RomBkLove Day 29, we are asking about sex toys in romance? What is the wackiest one you’ve ever read? Do you have a favorite sex toy? Are there some you find ridiculous? Do you remember the first one you read about? Let’s talk about sex toys in romance.


I can recall that Susan Johnson’s erotic historicals were my first introduction to sex toys in romance: leather phalluses, glass dildoes, pearls, etc. Since then, I’ve read too many too count, but some definitely stand out. There was the time a hero put a tube of Chapstick up the heroine’s dark channel (I’m still not over this one). Then there is the time a hero suspended his lady love off of a Manhattan building in the winter for bum love, I have, of course, read about the more standard toys: vibrators, nipple clamps, floggers, etc.



I will add that food often gets used as a sex toy/aid/enhancement in romance and that this is so not my thing. It totally makes me squeamish and I tend to skim scenes sex scenes with food.

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