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#RomBkLove Day 27 Sex Thing You Wish You Saw More Of

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RomBkLoveDay27SmallSo for today’s #RomBkLove prompt, I was to ask people what sexual act, thing, activity, etc they would like to see more of in romance novels. This one started out asking about what kink people would like to see more of in their books, but I wanted to expand it. Looking for examples? When I posted about the prompt on twitter, Megan Hart immediately offered up dry humping - and I’ll admit that we don’t see much of that these days. So maybe you want to see something that has gone by the wayside as books get more explicit or maybe you want the envelope to be pushed more and see something like hate pegging (see Tamsen Parker’s story in the Rogue Desire anthology for some of this).


Maybe you want to see more anal sex? Maybe less? There are so many options here. Right now, I am enjoying the taboo tropes involving priests and books with daddy kink. I’d love to see more BDSM books with main characters who switch, ie a fluid and changing power exchange.

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