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#RomBkLove Day 13 Favorite Kinky Books

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RomBkLoveDay13SmallOn the 13th day of #RomBkLove, the prompt is favorite kinky book. As always, the definition of kinky is up to the reader; there are no hard and fast rules. Whatever works for you, qualifies.


Now for my favorite kinky books:


I always start with Lauren Gallagher’s Light Switch and its sequel Reconstructing Meredith. Not only do these books feature BDSM, they feature polyamorous couples. I highly recommend both of these.


Solace Ames is an amazing writer who tells great kinky stories. Do not miss The Dom Project (which is also written by Heloise Belleau), The Submission Gift and The Companion Contract. These books all feature very different kinks and very different and diverse characters.


Cherise Sinclair is another favorite author who writes several series. My favorites from Sinclair are Master of the Mountain and Club Shadowlands (because Master Z).


And then there is Sierra Cartwright. I adore both her The Donovan Dynasty series and the Bonds series.


Everything that Tamsen Parker writes seems to be kinky and filthy and several have a big helping of taboo. I am very partial to the duology of Personal Geography and Intimate Geography and both School Ties and In His Custody.


I am very partial to geek kink and two of my favorite authors in this arena arena are Sara Brookes and Delphine Dryden. Look for the Geek Kink series by Brookes and The Science of Temptation series by Dryden. Both have other great kinky books outside of these two series. I am also very fond of Dryden’s recent Giddyup series - because kinky cowboys!


Thea de Salle is a new favorite. I have mad, mad love for her recent book The King of Bourbon Street. Sol is a wonderfully kinky and fun hero. This book is funny and sexy.


Jeffe Kennedy’s Under His Contract is a fantastically kinky book that I re-read quite often.


Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks is another of my favorites, mostly because I so adore the hero Damon.


Elia Winters is another author who writes some great kink. In her book Playing Knotty, the hero loves rope (and tying up people/being tied up). This book stands out because it has a character who enjoys bondage but isn’t necessarily into the domination and submission aspects of BDSM (ie he isn’t a dominant).


I cannot forget to mention Annabel Joseph and Comfort Object, a great but dark kinky book that stayed with me for a long time after I read it.

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