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#RomBkLove Day 10 Most Frustrating Cockblock/Coitus Interruptus

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RomBkLoveDay10SmallSo, today is the most frustrating cockblock or coitus interruptus in a romance novel. Have you ever read a romance where it seems like every time the main couple starts to have sex they get interrupted? Sadly, I don’t have any examples of this, so I am expanding this to stories with a long and slow burn before consummation.


White Hot by Ilona Andrews - Nevada isn’t sure what to make of Rogan when they first meet, especially since he kidnapped her. It takes much of the first book for Nevada to start to trust Rogan. She has no intention of jumping into bed with him.



Last Dance by Jeffe Kennedy - The relationship between Charlotte and her mystery man develops very slowly and is filled with lots of taut and steamy sexual tension.


Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O’Keefe - Annie and Dylan don’t even meet for most of this book, communicating entirely via phone. However, there is a sizzling attraction that develops between the two over the phone, manifesting in some hot sexual longing.


Ony With You by Lauren Layne - This romance is a frenemies to lovers story where Gray and Sophie battle for much of the story. The battles clearly mask a deep sexual attraction that the two work so hard to stifle - so much sexual tension in this one.


Archangel’s Blade - Nalini Singh is a master at keeping the sexual tension burning without consummation. In this book, Dmitri must be careful with Honor who was the victim of serious torture (so was he).

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