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Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:55

Latest Review: The Cartographer by Tamsen Parker

Written by Jennifer Porter
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TheCartographerThe Cartographer by Tamsen Parker (erotic, m/m, self published, June 2017)


Series: Compass series, book 6


Reyes Walter is the man who engineers everyone’s happiness, and he’s never wanted anything else. He’s got a lucrative job as sovereign of the kink world, and he delights in playing puppet master for those under his purview…which is everyone.


Allie Hart has got his hands full trying to find a job and being there for his sister and her kids. Loyal to the bone, he’s not looking for anything to get in the way of his obligations.


When a chance encounter throws Allie into the wide swath of Rey’s concern, Rey resolves to play the hero as usual, and Allie is determined to tell him where to stick it. The last thing Allie needs is some rich know-it-all treating him like a damsel in distress.


But the attraction between them leads to more than a back-alley tryst—although not anywhere close to for-keeps. All of Rey’s previous lovers have been polished up and paired off with someone more suitable. After all, there’s always someone in need, and Rey vowed a long time ago not to let anything or anyone come between him and his responsibilities. But Allie Hart may be the one gift he’s tempted to keep for himself.


Throughout the books that make up the Compass series, Reyes Walter has been the master chess player, the kinky savant who has brokered happiness for those around him. And finally, it is his turn to find love, not that he is looking for it or thinks this is even a remote possibility. The Cartographer is his story, where we get a deeper look at the man who has done so much for so many people. His is a fitting romance, filled with filthy shenanigans and a hard-fought romance. It is also a great wrap-up to the series in which many of the characters that we have met in the previous books make an appearance.


Rey seems to be at a crossroads in his life. Many of his clients and friends have found love and do not need his guidance as much as they once did. His faithful assistant and play partner Matthew is about to be collared and monogamous. While Matthew can still serve Rey in various capacities, he cannot server in a sexual manner anylonger. Rey is happy for Matthew and Matthew’s dominant partner Peter, but Rey’s life is changing. Amidst this, Rey meets Allie Hart one night at a local bar - and something about Allie calls to Rey.


Allise is in a tough spot in his life; he is currently homeless, living in his truck, and is looking for a job. He spends much of his time helping his single-mother sister and her children. He has  had a difficult life, but is loyal to his family. He is intrigued by Rey when Rey jumps in to help Allie tend bar one night (Allie was subbing for his sister without any bartending experience). But Allie isn’t exactly prepared for someone like Rey, who is both wealthy and kinky. Allie is bisexual but has led a vanilla life. Rey is convinced that Allie is submissive but Allie isn’t so sure. However, Allie can’t deny that Rey’s dominant demeanor makes Allie very hot.


Rey and Aliie move slowly at the beginning of their relationship as Rey introduces Allie to kink. Rey also seems to approach the new relationship as a temporary thing, because while he helps others find love and happiness, he doesn’t think he can have those things. Rey does allow Allie into his life for a bit and even introduces him to India and Cris one evening. But all the while, Rey is planning to find another lover for Allie once Allie has gotten comfortable with his submissive and masochistic tendencies. So Rey does something stupid - so stupid that his friends decides they must intervene.


The intervention scene is absolutely one of my favorite moments of the Compass series. Rey’s friends all come together to knock some sense into his hard head (not that one . . .). This, of course, leads to a fabulous grovel by Rey which is certainly not something that the always-in-control Rey often does. So much goodness was packed into these two scenes and both made me smile and filled my heart with joy. The one thing that I did hope to see was Allie calling Rey out for treating Allie like a client. Part of Rey never allowed himself to think of Allie as anything other than a client - and it made me want to shake Rey on occasion (okay several times). Fortunately, Rey sees the light (although I was glad that Allie’s sister Kendra got to give Rey a piece of her mind).


Rey, as a filthy kinkster, does not disappoint. He and Allie have lots of sexy encounters as Rey helps Allie get comfortable with and embrace his submissive tendencies. These two are great for each other and although he is sexually submissive, Allie is strong enough to stand up to Rey and to be Rey’s equal partner - something that is critical for Rey. Rey spends so much time taking care of everyone that he needs a man who doesn’t need to be taken care of - and this is indeed Allie, a very self-sufficient man. Allie has no problem telling Rey no outside of the bedroom . . .  or the back alley . . . or the play party.


One of the things that I will never forget about The Cartographer is the fact that Tamsen Parker describes Rey’s penis as average.


Some guys are quite proud of their enormous cocks, and sure, if that’s all you’ve got going for  you, that’s fine. But I prefer to provide pleasure other ways. I’m perfectly average in this department, and in some ways, that makes my life easier. No one ever pales when they see my dick.


Finally an average peen.


Saying goodbye to a much-loved series is not easy, but fortunately Tamsen Parker sends the Compass series off in kinky, Rey style in The Cartographer. As per usual, she doesn’t skimp on the kink or the filthy fun. She also manages to make Rey more human in this book without ruining or denting his god-like aura. The Cartographer can be read as standalone, but readers will miss out on getting to know and love Rey if they don’t read all six of the books in the series.


Tamsen Parker: http://tamsenparker.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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