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#RomBkLove The Sexy Edition - July 2017

Written by Jennifer Porter
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n May of 2017, Ana Coqui at Immersed in Books led 31 fantastic discussions about various topics having to do with romance novels. The discussion was amazing, positive and costly (from all the book recommendations!). Ana and others have continued the conversations in June with weekly prompts. To check out the conversations, look at the #RomBkLove hashtag on Twitter or check out Immersed in Books.


To help continue the discussion, I have up with 31 more daily prompts in July to focus on all that is sexy and erotic in romance novels. To participate, feel free to create blog posts, tweets and/or Instagram posts - tagging them all with #RomBkLove so that I can keep up with them all. I will try to do a wrap up post in early August or a Storify (to help everyone BUY more books!).

Without further ado, here are the prompts. More to come tomorrow!!






The #RomBkLove Sexy Edition Prompts:

  1. Sex in Romance: Love It/Hate It

  2. Most Memorable Sex Scene

  3. Favorite Dirty Book

  4. Best WTF Sex Scene

  5. Favorite Erotic Romance Authors

  6. Multiples: Favorite Menage Books

  7. Best Dirty Talking Characters

  8. Favorite Virgin Hero/Heroine

  9. Most Unusual Sex Setting

  10. Most Frustrating Cockblock/Coitus Interruptus

  11. Hottest Historical Romance

  12. Favorite Kinky Characters

  13. Favorite Kinky Book

  14. Best Kiss

  15. Most Awkward Sex Scene

  16. Sex Positivity in Romance

  17. All About Sexual Tension

  18. How Big is Too Big? The Peen in Romance

  19. Euphemisms for Genitals: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  20. Non Human: Sexiest Alien, Shifter, Vampire, etc

  21. When the Sex Goes on Too Long . . .

  22. Are Alpha Heroes Better Lovers?

  23. Favorite Secret Sex Clubs

  24. Next Hot Trend in Sexy/Dirty Romance

  25. Current Trend That Should Die

  26. Hottest Contemporary Romance

  27. Hottest Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

  28. Sexiest Professions in Romance

  29. Kink You Wish You Read More Of/Less Of

  30. Taboos in Romance: Is Anything Taboo?

  31. What is Erotic Romance?


PS. Also, I want to take a moment to publicly thank Ana Coqui for all of her work on #RomBkLove. I haven’t even started July’s sexy edition and I can tell that the amount of work that goes into this is a bit overwhelming - and Ana made it seem so easy. So, thank you Ana for making this happen.

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