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Review: Crave Me by Stacey Lynn

Written by Jennifer Porter
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CraveMeCrave Me by Stacey Lynn (erotic, Carina, May 2017)


Series: Luminous, book 2



I know I shouldn't covet my sister's ex-boyfriend.

She may have wanted nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle, but I'm a born submissive. And the only place I want to be is under Simon's command.  

But he won't go near me. Not with the memory of her so close.

That leaves me no choice. If he won't touch me when he knows who I am, I'll have to come to him in disguise.

He's worth the risk. I'm meant to be his. Now I just have to prove it to him.  


Being a Dominant cost me my first love, but I can't deny who I am. I won't. Control and power are everything, and the way I keep mine is by playing only with experienced subs. No exceptions.

Until I met her.

She wore a mask, but I knew the moment our lips touched she was meant to belong to me. Young, new to the world of BDSM—I knew training her would be a risk.

I didn't know it would destroy me.

If a romance novel has kink in it, I have to read it; I can’t resist. As such, there was no question that I would be reading Stacey Lynn’s Crave Me once I read its description. Yes, the fact that the hero once loved the heroine’s older sister gave me pause, but not enough to curb my interest. And I thoroughly enjoyed Crave Me, its kinky sex scenes and it hot romance between Chloe and Simon.


As I mentioned earlier, Simon once dates Chloe’s older sister. The two were in a serious relationship until Simon attempted to introduce the sister to his kink. At this point, the sister lost her marbles and accused Simon of being abusive and broke up with him - she also told people (including her parents) about Simon’s kinky tendencies. This hurt him badly since he was in love with her (I admit to being annoyed by this fact).


Chloe, of course, had a massive crush on Simon and years later makes a play for him at a charity event (she plays at being mysterious and wears a mask). Simon is horrified when he realizes that he is fooling around with his ex’s sister. He turns her down hard - until he sees her at his BDSM club being hurt by an incompetent dominant. At this point, he agrees to train her - temporarily.


Simon and Chloe agree to a finite BDSM arrangement where Simon will train her and help her find another dominant. They know that a permanent relationship is out of the question given Simon’s experience with Chloe’s family. Neither one expects that their kinky desires will mesh so well or that they will develop strong feelings for each other outside their kinky relationship (okay, this isn’t really true for Chloe who has feelings for Simon before they begin their kinky play). But they are good for each other and end up setting themselves up for a serious conflict with Chloe’s family.


So, Chloe’s family . . . Chloe’s sister is not a great nor a likeable person. She has no tolerance for kink, and she made sure that her parents knew about Simon’s proclivities when she ended their relationship. This means that her parents are dead set against Simon and Chloe being together - and it means that Chloe eventually has to have a very embarrassing conversation with them about kink, about consensual practices and about her sexual relationship with Simon. I admittedly found the conversation highly embarrassing although it was certainly necessary in order for Simon and Chloe to find their HEA. Chloe’s sister was not my favorite character, and I kind of wanted to punch Simon for getting involved with her in the first place.


While the familial conflict was my least favorite part of Crave Me, I thought the romance was captivating and well done. There is a great deal of sexual tension between Simon and Chloe - and Simon is not able to maintain the facade of being an uninvolved dominant for very long. Additionally, Simon is a very naughty and dirty-minded hero. The sex is hot and plentiful.


Crave Me is the second book in Stacey Lynn’s Luminous series which is set around the BDSM sex club named Luminous. I am a fan of both books and am looking forward to more. If you enjoy kinky romances filled with strong emotion, then Crave Me should fit the bill.


Stacey Lynn: https://www.staceylynnbooks.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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