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Thursday, 27 April 2017 18:30

Review: By the Hour by Roni Loren

Written by Jennifer Porter
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ByTheHourBy the Hour by Roni Loren (erotic, self-published, April 2017)




Series: The Pleasure Principle, book 2


Dr. Elle McCray has a plan. Work hard. Be the best. And do it alone. After her ex-husband’s betrayal, she’s learned being feared is a hell of a lot easier than being humiliated. So when trouble personified, Lane Cannon, dares to flirt with her, she shuts him down cold. Too gorgeous. Too cocky. And his job as The Grove’s sexual surrogate is to sleep with patients. No, thank you.


Former escort Lane Cannon has spent enough years with people looking down on him. Stupid. Trailer trash. Rent boy. He’s heard it all. He’s worked too hard to shed his past to let some haughty doctor cut him down. But something about Elle’s ice queen act has his dominant instincts perking up and his body taking notice. He can’t walk away.


After an evening of verbal sparring turns into a night of steamy hate sex, Lane’s ready for round two. But Elle proposes a business deal. How better to keep things strictly physical than to pay him for his services?


Lane wants her, not her money. But he’ll play along in exchange for one thing—all the control. It’s only supposed to be a dirty little fling between colleagues, but these two are about to learn a lesson in love…by the hour.


Roni Loren’s By the Hour is the second book in the Pleasure Principle series and details the romance of a cold and lonely doctor and a sexual surrogate who is struggling to make more for himself. This book is a steamy, yet angsty story of two people who each have obstacles to overcome before they can find their HEA. This one is packed with emotional turmoil and titillating sexual encounters that will please those looking for a substantial and dirty read (and one that is substantially dirty).


Dr. Elle McCray works with addicted patients at an exclusive clinic. She is not a character who is easy to like. In fact, she was a villainous character in the first book in the series, Off the Clock, who caused serious problems for the couple in that book. But she has been devastated by her ex-husband’s betrayal; he had sex with her sister. And she is still reeling after the man she was having an affair with fell in love with another woman (the events of Off the Clock). She is determined to keep future relationship strictly sexual with no emotional connection.


Lane Cannon is a sex surrogate working at The Grove (the same clinic where Elle works). This means that he sometimes does have sex with patients in order to help them with sexual issues. He was once an escort who had sex for money, but is now going to school to become a therapist. One night, he tries to talk to Elle who seems uncomfortable at a party. The two end up having sex that night, somewhat angry and rough sex - which is right up Elle’s alley. But Elle is prickly and attempts to pay Lane for his time, something that does not go over well.

Lane is a fascinating character. He once was an escort, now works as a sex surrogate and is going to school to become a therapist, something he cares about deeply. He is sensitive about his past and about learning disabilities that have always made school difficult for him. But he has feelings for Elle and wants to break through her tough outer shell - not an easy task. And he wants to be accepted; wants someone to be proud to be with him. Admittedly, there were times I wasn’t sure if Elle could be worthy of him.


Elle has to deal with her past, face her sister and decide if Lane means more to her than just sex. Things come to a head when she travels home, with Lane, to attend to her sister’s wedding - to Elle’s ex-husband, especially when Lane’s past become public knowledge. Fortunately, Elle rises to the occasion but not before having to do some serious soul searching and groveling.


I was not sure about Elle as a heroine when I read this book’s description. Also, it took me a while after started reading the book to warm up to her. She is awful to Lane at the beginning of the book - and in Off the Clock. But I came to sympathize with her and was rooting hard for her to deal with her issues and admit her love for Lane. These two make a fantastic couple in the end.


Sex plays a major role in By the Hour and in Elle and Lane’s relationship. They come together because Elle is looking for something particular and Lane, who generally identifies as a dominant, is a great fit for her sexual needs. Their intimate scenes are intense and very dirty (good dirty). Their relationship isn’t super kinky, but they each like to push boundaries. And then there is the issue of Lane’s job as a sex surrogate and what that means for their relationship. The answers aren’t clear and require sacrifice.


Roni Loren’s By the Hour is a fantastically filthy erotic romance that will make readers sweat. The sexy parts are complemented by an intensely emotional romance that surprised me (at times, I wasn’t sure these two would be able to overcome their issues). Off the Clock is a sizzling book and By the Hour complements it perfectly. Be prepared to be blown away. One could read By the Hour by itself, but I recommend starting with Off the Clock.


Roni Loren: http://roniloren.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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