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Thursday, 20 April 2017 18:46

Mini-Reviews of Stacey Kennedy's Restrained Under His Duty & Tara Sue Me's Master Professor

Written by Jennifer Porter
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RestrainedUnderMini-Reviews of Tara Sue Me’s Master Professor and Stacey Kennedy’s Restrained Under His Duty


Earlier this month, two very different BDSM erotic romances were released: Stacey Kennedy’s Restrained Under His Duty and Tara Sue Me’s Master Professor. I enjoyed both of these books very much.


Restrained Under His Duty is the third book in Stacey Kennedy’s Dirty Little Secrets series, a series with different romances but a connected series arc about someone who is blackmailing a group of prominent dominants in San Francisco. Ryan Blackwood is the dominant threatened in this book. The blackmailer goes after Ryan’s employer, a senator and the senator’s daughter, Hadley. Ryan has been lusting after Hadley for years, but has refused to allow himself to touch her. When he finds out that Hadley is in danger, however, all bets are off.

The sexual tension between Ryan and Hadley is off the charts - and their romance is steamy and naughty (two trademarks of Stacey Kennedy’s stories). I adored these two characters together. Watching the sparks fly back and forth made this romance a winner for me. Also, the sex is super hot although maybe not as kinky as I was hoping for.



It was also great to find out more about the people behind the suspense arc and the blackmail scheme that has been happening throughout all three books in the series thus far (although it is not over; there are still some surprises to come). There are some definite twists and turns in the story that definitely kept me guessing. In fact, everything may not have been exactly what it seemed. But Ryan does save Hadley and solves the mysterious threat against her father.


MasterProfessorUnlike Restrained Under His Duty, Tara Sue Me’s Master Professor does not have a suspense plot. The story centers around Andie Lincoln, a woman who goes to the RACK Academy to learn how to be a submissive for the man she loves. However, while at the academy, she works closely with instructor Fulton Matthews and develops serious feelings for him.


Fulton is not happy to see Andie at the RACK, because it seems as if she has been given special preference since her boyfriend is a Hollywood star. But Fulton eventually  agrees to train Andie as a submissive. The one thing he cannot do, however, is take Andie’s virginity. I loved Andie and Fulton together and thought that they made a fantastic couple. Even Andie’s training worked for me. However, I am not a huge fan of the “I’m-going-to-send-the-woman-I-love-to-be-trained-to-be-submissive-by-some-random-dude” trope. I actually find it a bit offensive. Of course, the good news is that the arrogant jerk who thinks this is a good idea always loses his love.


So that part of the story annoyed me, but I loved the RACK, it’s creepy castle-on-an-island demeanor, the staff, especially Mariela and Lennox (I believe they are the main couple in the next story) and of course the development of Fulton and Andie’s romance. The kink was hot and spicy although I did think there could’ve been a bit more sex. Well, I guess there really couldn’t have been since Fulton and Andie were not allowed to have intercourse for much of the story. All in all, it is the characters of the RACK that really made this story stand out for me.


So if you are a fan of kink and/or BDSM in romance both Stacey Kennedy’s Restrained Under His Duty and Tara Sue Me’s Master Professor are both great choices with wonderful romances.


Book Disclosure: Ebooks were provided by the publishers via NetGalley.

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