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Friday, 14 April 2017 19:32

Review: Out of Her League by Jennifer Dawon

Written by Jennifer Porter
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OutOfHerLeagueOut of Her League by Jennifer Dawson (contemporary, self published, April 2017)


Series: Love & Other Disasters, book 2


Look, I get it, I'm not asking for miracles. I might be a closeted hopeless romantic, but I'm also a realist. I don't need fireworks. I'm not asking for magic. Of course my date won't be Prince Charming. All I'm asking for is a pleasant night out on the worst single day of the year. That's not exactly shooting for the stars, now is it?


Apparently, it is.


Because not only am I stuck with the date from hell, but the fates don't think I've suffered enough, so why not seat me next to my secret crush. Trauma surgeon, Xavier Knight, is the most gorgeous man alive, and completely out of my league. An unobtainable, impossible dream that makes my heart pound whenever he gets close. Fantastic. Now he'll bear witness to my humiliation.


Ah, life, you really know how to kick a girl when she's down.


Tessa and Xavier have friends in common, so have a bit more than a passing acquaintance. But Xavier is a player and Tessa is not. When the two end up sitting at adjacent tables on Valentine’s Day (Xavier is out with his grandmother and Tessa is on a bad blind date), something springs up between the two. But Tessa is looking for a relationship and she has had a bit of a crush on Xavier. Unfortunately, Xavier is scared to death of commitment and only does casual relationships.


It is almost as if these two end up in a relationship accidentally. They spend some time together, then spend some more time together. They find they share a hot and spicy attraction that leads them to fool around. And then they decided to fool around some more. Xavier seems to think that if he doesn’t have actual intercourse with Tessa, he isn’t really in a relationship with her. They fool around without having intercourse for longer than I expected.


It isn’t until after they two have been seeing each other for awhile that Xavier realizes there is something more happening between himself and Tessa. Okay, maybe he realizes it when he brings Tessa to dinner with his grandmother. Up until Xavier sees reality, he is rather adorably clueless about what is happening. Well, adorably clueless until he gets scared and acts like an ass.


When Xavier isn’t being an ass, he is actually a pretty great hero. Before he gets nervous, he and Tessa have a sexy and fun relationship. But of course, Xavier does get cold feet and withdraws from Tessa, leaving her devastated. Fortunately, he wakes up, realizes that he loves Tessa and makes up for his asshattery in spectacular fashion.


Out of Her League by Jennifer Dawson is an excellent novella with a fantastic romance, hot sexual tension and one of the most most memorable grovel scenes that I have ever read. Jennifer Dawson has become of one of my go-to authors for sexy romance - and Out of Her League is no exception.


Jennifer Dawson: http://jenniferdawsonauthor.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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