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Monday, 10 April 2017 19:41

Review: We Love Kink anthology

Written by Jennifer Porter
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WeLoveKinkWe Love Kink anthology (erotic, self published, April 2017)


The We Love Kink anthology is a book with eight novellas that are all connected by some level of kink. I haven’t read all of the stories but the ones that I have all short, sexy and well done.


Dorothy F. Shaw’s “A Few More Rules” is a femdom novella featuring waitress Bethany and bouncer Rig. Rig is immediately attracted to Beth and has a desire to kneel for her and worship her. Beth isn’t willing the let the opportunity to let this big and powerful man submit to her pass by. This is a super hot romance that sets the foundation well for a probable HEA between Rig and Beth. I also must mention that Shaw managed to add NINE spurts to this novella - an impressive feat. This story is a winner.



In Ella Jade’s “Distracted”, the newly divorced Avery is reunited with Faith, a woman from his past - well really, from his brother’s past. Despite having just signed divorce papers, Avery can’t let his attraction to Faith come to naught. The two find that they are quite compatible sexually and even moreso emotionally. This is a hot story although it didn’t really contain any kink to speak of.


“Kitten’s Cotton Candy Clouds” by Sidda Lee Rain is an intense romance with an older man hero and younger heroine heroine. It is a daddy kink story. Katarina is a twenty year old woman with no apparent life direction. She is, however, attracted to her father’s best friend Sterling. One evening, Sterling and Kat admit their feelings for each other, and the next day decided to be together. This is definitely an insta-love story. It is very sexy, but won’t be for everyone because of the daddy kink. Kat is young and there is some element of age play here. It will appeal to readers who enjoy age play and dominating older male heroes.


Lainey Reese’s story, “Mistaken I-Dom-nity” features two characters who are both new to kink. Bailey believes she is submissive, but lies about her level of experience with kink to get into a BDSM club. Nate is at the club for his friend’s bachelor party. A man at the club puts Nate and Bailey together to play for the night and the two have a spectacular experience. It takes Nate a bit of time to find Bailey again because he has to leave the club unexpectedly, but once he sees her again, he is scared to admit that he isn’t a Dom. He is, however, willing to learn because he thinks Bailey is worth it. This is a fun and sexy novella about two people discovering their kinks together.


The four stories that I read from the We Love Kink anthology make this book a worthwhile one to pick up if one is in the mood for some short, hot and kinky reads.


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by one of the authors.

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