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Review: Star Crossed by Emma Barry & Genevieve Turner

Written by Jennifer Porter
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StarCrossedStar Crossed by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner (historical, self published, April 2017)


Series: Fly Me to the Moon, book 4


Houston, Texas, 1964 Geraldine Brixton is ready to make history as the first female American astronaut. After a childhood traveling the air show circuit, she works as a pilot, so she’s more than prepared for the flying. But space demands more than operating equipment, and the last obstacle in her way is also the most serious: math. Beverly Fox has made a career crunching the numbers that launch men into space. Numbers aren’t her problem: limits are. From the narrow expectations of her parents to discrimination at work, Bev’s life has been cut down over and over. Only in her hidden activities after dark does she feel whole. Wanting to do her part to get a woman into space, Bev offers to help Geri conquer math. But neither anticipates her intense attraction—or that it might be shared. Together they could soar to everything they’ve ever wanted, but will their secrets bring them crashing back to Earth?


The Fly Me to the Moon books are a wonderful historical romance series set in the 1960s during America’s race to get a man on the moon. I’ve been a big fan of the series and was thrilled to read the series’ first female/female pairing in Star Crossed. Geri Brixton is a female astronaut working in Houston as part of the Virgo 3 project, hoping to get into space. Beverly Fox is a computer working to support the space program. The two face a rocky road to happiness but their story is one of finding love despite the challenges and obstacles.


These two women have so much going against their finding true love. Both Geri and Bev have careers, not something many women have in 1964, especially in such male-dominated fields.  This is one potential barrier to their story, but there are more. Bev is black and Geri is white, adding a potentially explosive racial barrier to their being together. And then there is the fact that they are both attracted to women. People in 1964 Texas couldn’t have been particularly tolerant of any of these issues. And this is one of the reasons that this romance was so painful at times to read. We know from the beginning that Geri or any of the other Virgo 3 astronauts are not going to make it into space, and we know that Geri and Bev cannot have the same type of open HEA that a man and a woman would be able to have. This fact makes Star Crossed an emotionally devastating story to read. It is worth it, so worth it; it just really got to me.


Geri is one of the best female pilots in the space program, but she isn’t great at math, something an astronaut must be good at. As a result, Bev offers to tutor Geri in math, after all math is Bev’s area of expertise. This gives the two time to know each other. Their courtship is slow, as expected, because neither is sure if the other is attracted to women. Eventually, Bev asks Geri if she wants to go to a club where women can be together. Thus, their relationship begins. The romance has a very tentative and innocent feel to it as Geri has no experience having directed her life to flying. But it is well done given the time in which it takes place and the obstacles that these two woman face.


Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner do an excellent job telling the story of Geri and Bev’s love in Star Crossed. The ending is tough for me because the mores of the time don’t allow for the two to be together in an overt way. The authors did find a way for Geri and Bev to get their HEA, I just couldn’t help but want more for them (and I know that hope is unrealistic).


As always, Barry and Turner tell a wonderful story with a great romance and a great plot. I adore the look into the U.S. space program as well getting to know the characters they have created. The world is fantastic even though dealing with the prejudices of the 1960s, particularly in relation to women, is rather rage inducing. But this is the hallmark of a great story, one that makes the reader feel so very deeply about its message. Star Crossed is a powerful story about two women who have so many obstacles to overcome, yet find true love despite them.


Emma Barry: https://authoremmabarry.com/
Genevieve Turner: http://www.genturner.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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