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Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:56

Review: Last Dance by Jeffe Kennedy

Written by Jennifer Porter
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JustDanceLast Dance by Jeffe Kennedy (contemporary, self published, February 2017)


Series: Missed Connections, book 1


It was five minutes. His hand on the small of her back. His eyes watching like there was no one else in the crowded club. His body a breath away from hers. A kiss full of heat and need and promise.


But then the stranger disappears. And Charlotte Emory can’t forget him. Worse, according to the dating Rules she and her four best friends swear by, all she can do is post an ad online. No names, no numbers. Just a missed connection – and the hope he’ll meet her, and see where another dance leads.


Except Mr. Mystery has his game, too, and he isn’t playing for only one night. He tempts Charley into a daring exploration of power, lust, and suspense, where even the most innocent requests sound indecent…and the indecent ones make her burn all night.


If she plays by the Rules, they’ll never get past teasing each other. But rules were made to be broken…


Last Dance is the start of a new series by Jeffe Kennedy that follows five female friends who dates according to a set of Rules that they all live by. Charlotte Emory, or Charlie, is the leader of the pack, the one who started the Rules and one who likes to be the aggressor in her relationships with men. One night, she meets a mysterious man while out. The two share a hot kiss, and thus begins a different type of courtship.


After their first meeting, Charlotte and Mr. Mystery correspond via an online ad which they use to set up their next meetings. This continues several times before they two even exchange names. This give Charlotte and Mr. Mystery’s romance a very slow burn; it is filled with a teasing sexual tension as both characters try to one up the other.


Eventually, Charlie learns that Mr. Mystery is Daniel Holt - and that the two are extremely compatible in the bedroom. But Daniel is playing a long game, trying to keep Charlie’s interest. He seems to know that Charlie’s usual M.O. is not to stick around for the long term. Does he know this for a reason? And will this reason have an impact on their relationship?


Last Dance is a fun read that is filled with sexual tension and a great romance. This one is a quick and steamy romance. I am looking forward to the next four books in this series.


Jeffe Kennedy: http://www.jeffekennedy.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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