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Thursday, 02 March 2017 19:46

Review: Midtown Masters by Cara McKenna

Written by Jennifer Porter
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MidtownMasterMidtown Masters by Cara McKenna (erotic, Berkley, February 2017)


Series: A Sins in the City novel, book 3


Online, Suzy Park and Meyer Cohen are a hot, young couple willing to try anything their paying viewers desire. Their chemistry offline, though, is fizzling out. They’d call it quits if not for the high they get from captivating their audience with mind-blowing sex.


Lately, however, one of their clients has begun captivating Suzy. With requests for vanilla lovemaking that annoy Meyer to no end, Lindsay seems to be a lonely innocent needing an imitation of romance. Suzy and Lindsay discover a bond that only deepens once the camera stops rolling, but Lindsay has a secret—that “she” is really a he pretending to be a woman for research—and the cost of confessing could turn a simple arrangement into a hands-on education...


If there is one thing I can count on from a Cara McKenna book, it is that it will make me think - a lot. Her books aren’t always comfortable reads for me, but they often challenge me to think outside of my world view. I would absolutely put Midtown Masters in this category. If you read the above summary, you might expect this to be a menage book; you might assume that Suzy Park and Meyer Cohen are the primary couple; you might think any number of things about the book that aren’t exactly what the story actually is. But the summary is accurate.


Suzy Park and Meyer Cohen are two people who were once in a romantic relationship. They still have sex with each other and are exclusive, but they are not a couple - they just play one online where they have sex for paying customers who get to choose how the two have sex. Lindsay is a client, one with whom Suzy starts to develop a friendship. But of course, Lindsay isn’t who she seems. Lindsay is a male author who get criticism for his sex scenes. He hope that he might learn something by watching a married couple have sex.


Suzy and Meyer decide to invite Lindsay who they now know as John into their bedroom. They help John explore his somewhat repressed sexuality and find a connection - to Suzy. This is when things turn interesting because the primary romance in this story is between Suzy and John. McKenna did a decent job convincing me that Suzy and Meyer were not meant to be together, but part of me was still left a bit sad at their eventual split (they stay friends, but are no longer lovers). And this is why Midtown Masters wasn’t a comfortable read for me, why it challenged me. I don’t do well with love triangles or with situations where the characters have feelings for people who aren’t a part of the HEA.


Midtown Masters is a highly erotic book. Suzy is wonderfully confident in her sexuality whether she is with Meyer, with John or with them both - because there are menage scenes. I adore this about her. She is comfortable enough in herself and her body to have sex online for people and to indulge in any number of kinks. She is also comfortable with John who is not so sexually secure. Honestly, this is my favorite thing about this book and about so many of McKenna’s books, their sex positive portrayals.


Cara McKenna: http://caramckenna.com/


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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