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Final #SpurtCount2016

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Books Read: 522

Books With Spurts: 177

% of Books With Spurts: 33.9

Spurts: 413

Love Spurts: 307

Non-Love Spurts: 96

% of Love Spurts: 74




  • Far Galaxies: Adventures of Mari Shu #3 by Jody Wallace is the winner of the most spurts in 2016 with 69 spurts (62 love spurts and 7 non love spurt).
    Stripped Bounty by Dorothy F. Shaw is the second spurtiest book with 10 (10 love spurts).
    The Red by Nora Sutherlin comes in third with 9 spurts (8 love spurts and 1 non love spurt).

  • Jody Wallace is the author with the most spurts overall with 76 spurts in two books(67 love spurts and 6 non love spurts).
    Tiffany Reisz follows with 12 spurts in three books (10 love spurts and 2 non love spurts).
    Dorothy F. Shaw is third with 11 spurts in 2 books (11 love spurts)
    Sierra Cartwright round out the top three with 10 spurts in 7 books (1 read twice) (8 love spurts and 2 non love spurts.
    Honorable mention goes to Ainsley Booth. I read 2 Ainsley Booth books with 3 spurts (3 love spurts), but Ainsley Booth also writes with Sadie Haller. There were 8 spurts in the 2 Booth & Haller books that I read (8 love spurts).

  • Sierra Cartwright has the most books with spurts on my list. I read 7 books by Sierra Cartwright with a total of 10 spurts (8 love spurts and 2 non love spurts).  Note: I read one book twice because it was included in an anthology - I had no clue until I was compiling spurts of this fact).
    Four authors had 4 books with spurts on the list: Riley Murphy had 8 spurts in 4 books (7 love spurts and 1 non love spurt). M. O’Keefe had 5 spurts in 4 books (5 love spurts). And Nalini Singh had 8 spurts in 4 books (8 non love spurts).


Spurts of the Year:

  • January Spurt of the Month: “She was taking his come like it was chocolate sauce or good booze, and that made him twitch and spurt again.” from Drive by Teresa Noelle Roberts (out on February 2, 2016. It is the chocolate reference that made this spurt the Spurt of the Month.

  • February Spurt of the Month: “Neither fish nor foul nor bonny, bonny prince. For you see, though His Grace was born of the most royal semen that ever spurted from kingly pud, his mother was but an actress.” from Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt (out on May 31, 2016). This is a quote from dialogue from the book’s hero, Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery. It is my first kingly-pud spurt ever - and probably my last!

  • March Spurt of the Month: “Just enough and he cried out - roared, really. Totally Viking. And he came in thick spurts down my throat. Across the top of my mouth.” From Rennie’s point of view, the heroine in Molly O’Keefe’s We Are All Found Things in the Devil’s Doorbell anthology.

  • April Spurt of the Month: “He came with a ragged growl, his knees weak and threatening to give out as he bucked and spurted into the toilet.” from Strictly Yours by Sheryl Nantus (out on May 3, 2016). This is my first self-love spurt into the toilet!.

  • May Spurt of the Month: “The first spurt lands on the corner of her lip, dripping onto her chest, and the next hits her cheek and slides down her skin.” from True North by Tamsen Parker (out on July 25, 2016). I love the visual image of the spurt in this quote.

  • June Spurt of the Month: ʺCan't get erect, can't spurt, can't get a woman pregnant.ʺ from Ainslie Patton’s Damaged Goods (which is out on July 29). This is the first time a character has said the word spurt in a love-spurt context. The hero, Owen, has suffered a spinal injury and is still recuperating. As a result, he is impotent and here he is bemoaning the fact that he can’t spurt. Kudos to Ainslie Paton for her creative spurt use.

  • July Spurt of the Month: He pulled free and stroked his length, coating her open mouth, chin, and neck in creamy spurts of his semen. This is one of the TEN spurts in Dorothy F. Shaw’s Stripped Bounty. Badger, the hero in this one, seems to have an obsession about spurting on Rosie, his lady love.

  • August Spurt of the Month: I have to give the spurt of the month to Lora Leigh who did have a spurt in Dirty LIttle Lies, even though it is a non-love spurt. However, I was so happy to see another spurt in a Lora Leigh book! “She had to bite her lip to hold back a spurt of laughter.”

  • September Spurt of the Month: From Anna Del Mar’s To The Edge: “She clung to me as my come spurted into new ownership, a flood many years in the making, an explosion that launched me to the edge of consciousness, where dreams transformed into reality and pleasure ruled.” This is one life-altering spurt!

  • October Spurt of the Month: From The Danger of Desire by Sabrina Jeffries: “He came with a vengeance, spurting into the bushes as he stifled his moans.” The poor bushes . . . or is that good for them?

  • November Spurt of the Month: From The Red by Nora Sutherlin/Tiffany Reisz: “A spurt of his seed hit her cervix and she orgasmed suddenly from the incredible force of it.” I adore spurts that cause orgasms - and this is one POWERFUL spurt!

  • December Spurt of the Month: From Far Galaxies: The Adventure of Mari Shu #3 by Jody Wallace: “Turns out, he spurted so much semen into her windpipe that she choked and drowned.” Death by SPURT!

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