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Book Review - The Summer of You

Written by Catherine Garrabrant, Romance Novel News
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summer_of_youA lady repairs a damaged war hero, finds love
"The Summer of You" (Historical, Berkley Trade, 352 pages, $15.00), by Kate Noble: Lady Jane Cummings is an admired and sought-after single lady of the ton. She has only just come out of mourning after the death of her mother and has the sole responsibility of keeping watch over her father, the Duke of Rayne, whose health is deteriorating. Jane, fed up with her irresponsible brother, Jason, decides they will go to their country home for the rest of the summer.
Jason refuses to go, but the ever-resourceful Jane uses blackmail to get her way. The arrival of the Duke and his children provides fodder for the town.

Jane is shocked to see a man swimming naked in the lake. It turns out to be war hero Byrne Worth, who she previously met in London. The crotchety Byrne, now recovering from a leg injury, wants to be left alone.
But the persistent Jane, who enjoys his company, is on a personal mission to have him accepted by the townspeople. They believe Byrne, despite his injury, is the bandit responsible for recent highway robberies.
“The Summer of You” is a delightfully charming romance. Jane is a spitfire with a huge heart.  This is obvious by the way she handles her father with loving care and the tolerance she shows to her reckless brother.
At first, Byrne comes across as brooding and full of self-imposed guilt.  He does not believe he is worthy of Jane, but his opinions quickly change because of her influence.
Kate Noble manages humor, the sensitivity of dealing with a parent in declining health, and the prejudices of a small town with plenty of panache. “The Summer of You” is an adorable and clever read.

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