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Sunday, 15 March 2015 17:22

Review: Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

Written by Jennifer Porter
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IntimateGeographyIntimate Geography by Tamsen Parker (erotic, self published, March 2015, $3.99, 337pp)




Series: The Compass Series, Book 2


Fiercely protective of her heart, India Burke let down her defenses when Cris Ardmore went from another notch on her D/s playdate belt to everything she could never admit she wanted.



But being disowned by your family and betrayed by your lover aren’t easy to get over, and India’s old fears of intimacy creep in against a backdrop of professional drama that forces her return to a place that never really felt like home.


Though she proved her loyalty when it mattered most, love is about more than grand gestures and Cris wants all of her—which may be more than India is able to give. Can Cris and India navigate to a shared future or will they forever be off course?


Warning: This review contains spoilers about the ending of the first book in the series, Personal Geography.

Personal Geography, the first book in Tamsen Parker’s Compass Series, is one of my favorite BDSM romances ever - and this is despite the cliffhanger ending. I may have stalked the poor author online in order to get my grubby little hands on its follow-up as soon as it was fit for reader consumption. Certainly I was a bit apprehensive about where or not Intimate Geography could live up to the hype of its predecessor, but I had to know what happened next. Ultimately, Intimate Geography lived up to the first book in the series providing a heartfelt, angst-ridden and soul-satisfying romance.


At the end of book one, India receives a call that Cris has been badly injured. She drops everything to fly to Hawaii to be with him - and to care for him during his recovery. This reunites the lovers who had parted from each other because of India’s reluctance to allow herself to love. Cris’ accident forces her to admit that she has deep feelings for him and cannot stay away from him. Yet, she still cannot open herself up to him entirely - in an emotional sense.


Once India returns to work, her job gets even more complicated. While she and Cris are attempting to have a real relationship rather than just one where they play as Dominant and submissive, life gets in the way. India has to face her past and her broken relationship with her family when her work takes her home. Cris tries his best to be there for her, but it isn’t easy to maintain a long distance relationship.


In Personal Geography, Cris and India’s developing relationship is more about their kinks. In Intimate Geography, there is greater emphasis on the development of their emotional relationship. They are still practicing D/s, but Cris is definitely pushing her for more of a commitment. He wants her to spend time with his family and friends, something that isn’t easy for India to do. But don’t think that their isn’t a great deal of kinky sex as well. Cris is certainly still India’s Dominant, and he pushes her boundaries on several occasions.


Both Personal Geography and Intimate Geography are erotic romances that make a dramatic statements. They are two BDSM romances that fans of the genre should not miss with one of the best #RomDoms ever. The romance is highly emotional and at times painful - but well worth the ride. I highly recommend both.


As I mentioned Personal Geography ends in a cliffhanger. These two should be read in order.


Tamsen Parker: http://www.tamsenparker.com


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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