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Review: At the Billionaire's Wedding

Written by Jennifer Porter
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AtBillionairesAt the Billionaire’s Wedding by Maya Rodale, Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe and Miranda Neville (contemporary, self published, November 2014, $3.99e, 400pp)


The Bad Boy Billionaire is Getting Married!


A stately home in the English countryside seems the ideal place for a bad boy billionaire and his bride to tie the knot. Until the Internet fails. And the oven breaks. And paparazzi invade. And police crash thebachelorette party. And four unlikely couples discover that passion

never waits for perfection, and happily ever after is just an "I do"




"The Best Laid Planner" by Miranda Neville

Arwen Kilpatrick gets her big break when she's hired to organize the wedding of an old friend--to a billionaire. Arwen doesn't have time for romance, not even with the sexy hotel handyman, Harry Compton. But putting on the wedding of the year means dealing with one surprise after another, including the discovery that Harry is so much more than he seems.


"Will You Be My Wi-Fi?" by Caroline Linden

All Natalie Corcoran wants is peace and quiet while she writes her cookbook. The lavish wedding party at the hotel next door is driving her crazy--especially the sexy lawyer who wants her wi-fi password. But Archer Quinn is swamped with work and will do anything to convince her to take a chance on him... first with her wi-fi, then with her friendship, and then with more. But he only has a week to persuade her they'll be scrumptious together...


"The Day It Rained Books" by Katharine Ashe

Swept away by a mysterious benefactor to the wedding of the year, librarian Cali Blake is living a fairytale. The only thing missing is Prince Charming. Instead the guests include the last man she wants to see--her archenemy, millionaire playboy Piers Prescott. Piers is determined to conquer Cali's resistance to him, and he'll stop at nothing to have her. As long as she can remember it's just for one week, could he be the perfect wedding fling?


"That Moment When You Fall In Love" by Maya Rodale

Sassy reporter Roxanna Lane might be falling for her date, sexy media mogul Damien Knightly, who just happens to be her boss. But he ruins everything by asking her to report on her best friend's wedding. Damien Knightly is definitely falling for Roxanna, but thanks to an impulsive wager he must choose between losing the crown jewel of his media empire...or the woman he loves.


I devoured Maya Rodale’s Bad Boy Billionaire trilogy which follows the courtship of billionaire Duke Austen and librarian Jane Sparks. As a result I was quite curious about the At the Billionaire’s Wedding anthology which contains fours romances that blossom at Duke and Jane’s wedding. Maya Rodale, Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe and Miranda Neville each contribute delightful romances that work well together.


Miranda Neville’s The Best Laid Planner pits wedding planner Arwen Kilpatrick against Harry Compton, the owner of the estate where Duke and Jane’s wedding is to take place. In this story, we first learn of the wi-fi problem - or lack thereof. Problems abound, but Arwen is determined to give Jane the wedding of her dreams. After all, the high profile wedding of the billionaire could secure her reputation in the party planning business. Harry, meanwhile, has his own issues as his home isn’t quite ready for guests. He has a short timeframe to make everything happen before the big day. This story is fun and romantic. Arwen and Harry make a wonderful couple.


Will you Be My Wifi is Caroline Linden’s story in the anthology and features Archer Quinn and Natalie Corcoran. Archer is one of Duke’s lawyers - one who really didn’t want to fly to England to attend the wedding. Natalie is living in home close to the estate while working on a cookbook. She also has wifi. When Archer finds out about her internet connection, he makes a deal with Natalie to get access online. Things heat up between the two during the times that Archer hangs out at her cottage. Natalie is called upon to help when a refrigerator issue at the estate leaves the wedding without desserts. This story has heart and is about two displaced people finding acceptance in each other.


Katharine Ashe’s The Day It Rained Books details a romance between librarian Cali Blake and millionaire Piers Prescott, a friend of Duke Austen. In this story, Piers has a thing for Cali. He funds her bookmobile, her flight to London for her friends wedding and attire for the wedding. Piers is so mesmerized by Cali, but Cali struggles with their socioeconomic differences. This story was an emotional read for me, but I adored Cali and Piers and the way they overcame their conflict.


Maya Rodale’s That Moment When You Fall in Love is the last story in the anthology and is about reporter Roxanna Lane and her boss Damien Knight. Damien has made a stupid bet and needs a scoop on the wedding to save his newspaper. Roxanne is Jane’s best friend, however, and refuses to betray her friend in such a manner. I admit to being worried about how Rodale would resolve this situation (although hints are given in the first three stories), but it was done in a fun way. The romance here was just as wonderful as the other four in the anthology.


At the Billionaire’s Wedding is a fantastic contemporary anthology with four connected stories. These stories can be read as a stand alone, but I do recommend that readers start with Maya Rodale’s Bad Boy Billionaire series in order to fall in love with Jane and Duke before they get married.


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