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Saturday, 06 December 2014 19:04

Review: Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

Written by Jennifer Porter
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PersonalGeographyPersonal Geography by Tamsen Parker (erotic, BDSM, self-published, December 2014, $3.99 e, 302pp)




Series: The Compass series, book 1


Powerhouse consultant India Burke is notorious for her razor-sharp mind, her incisive tongue, and for always being in control. But during her "lost weekends"--out-of-town, one-and-done, anonymous rendezvous solely for the purpose of kinky sex--she craves a submissive role.


Cris Ardmore, India's latest tryst, is a Dominant who calls an isolated Hawaiian paradise home. India's expecting forty-eight hours of contractually defined sex, but instead of serving as just another BDSM Band-Aid, Cris wants to know the real India Burke. Despite her aversion to anything approaching intimacy, India is hooked by their incredible sexual chemistry.


With tension ratcheting up in her professional life, India needs the release Cris offers more than ever, but her repeated visits come with their own risks. No matter how strong their attraction, India is determined to maintain her boundaries in order to keep her life whole after her first love blew it apart. She must choose between taking a chance and handing Cris the road map to her heart or locking down her borders before he does any more damage.

It is no secret that I will read almost any erotic romance that features BDSM, especially those with dominant heroes. So reading Personal Geography was a given for me. But there was a great deal of chatter on twitter about this one, with twitter friends telling me this was a MUST READ. And those twitter friends were not wrong. Personal Geography is a standout erotic romance that features something unusual in BDSM fiction - a beta Dom.


Cris is not the standard alpha, caveman-type romance hero. He is an intense man who certainly dominates India, but in a much more low-key manner than other RomDoms. India is the one who set the rules for their sexual interactions. She has a standard contract that she uses which not only details her limits and such but also makes it clear that she in charge of the parameters of their meeting. This is especially important as India normally sees a dominant only once and then moves on to another one. Her sexual interactions are clinical and designed to meet her submissive needs while eschewing emotional entanglements.


However, things are different for India from the moment that she travels to Hawaii to meet Cris for the first time. Cris insists upon having a conversation with her - before their contracted scene time starts. This throws India for a loop. Cris doesn’t overtly demand her obedience, but does make it impossible for her to refuse. He is more subtle, but has definite expectations. And the kinky sex between them is mind blowing. India can’t help but break her own rules and ends up spending more time with the man who fulfills her deepest submissive needs.


The continuing meetings between Cris and India force a fledgling relationship that India is unfortunately uncomfortable with. She has a bad history with a dominant who wanted to control her every move, something that is just not her. India has a high powered career and a very strong personality. She only submits during sex. Her past master betrayed her trust badly and created problems for her with her wealthy and influential family. Eventually, this causes India to pull away from Cris.


I need to be upfront about the fact that Personal Geography has a cliffhanger ending - one that will probably make readers scream in frustration. However, the story is worth the pain - and Parker promises that the second (and final) book will be out in early 2015. Even with the cliffhanger ending (and the fact that this story is told in first person present tense), this story is one of the best erotic romances that I’ve read in 2014. The kink is heavy, but well done and is an integral part of both characters. The story is highly erotic and extremely emotional. India’s pain and angst is hard to miss.


I highly recommend Personal Geography especially to fans of erotic romance (and BDSM romance). There aren’t many beta Doms in erotic romance, so this alone makes this one worth the read. But beyond the beta Dom, this is a story that just digs deep into the heart and will not let go. And don’t forget that it is a sizzler. I could not put it down once I started reading it. Cris and India’s journey will amaze.


Tamsen Parker: http://www.tamsenparker.com


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the author.

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