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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 19:27

Review: Season for Desire by Theresa Romain

Written by Jennifer Porter
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Season-for-DesireSeason for Desire by Theresa Romain (historical, Zebra, October 2014, $6.99, 320pp)


Series: Holiday Pleasure, book  4


Like her four sisters, Lady Audrina Bradleigh is expected to marry a duke, lead fashion, and behave with propriety. Consequently, Audrina pursues mischief with gusto, attending scandalous parties and indulging in illicit affairs. But when an erstwhile lover threatens to ruin her reputation, Audrina has no choice but to find a respectable husband at once.


Who would guess that her search would lead her to Giles Rutherford, a blunt-spoken American on a treasure hunt of his own? When a Christmas snowstorm strands the pair at a country inn, more secrets are traded than gifts--along with kisses that require no mistletoe--and Audrina discovers even proper gentlemen have their wicked side. . .


I quite look forward to Christmas romances as I find they can help put me in a festive mood. There is something very comforting in reading about those falling in love over the holidays. And this is exactly how I felt about Theresa Romain’s Season for Desire, a book which features a love story between two people who aren’t sure where they belong in life. But fortunately they find love and direction in each other’s arms while celebrating Christmas together.


Giles Rutherford is an American who is in England with his father on a grand adventure – or maybe not. Richard Rutherford has traveled to England to find his long-dead wife’s jewels. His children are all grown, and he has plans to become a jeweler in London. Giles accompanies him afraid that Richard may need watching over. After all, Richard is a bit of a dreamer. Giles, on the other hand, is a bit staid, possibly even curmudgeonly, definitely rather somber. He is also at a crossroads, not sure of what he will do next with his life.


Then there is Lady Audrina Bradleigh who has been abandoned by her family to Giles, Richard and a chaperone – Lady Irving over the holidays. Lady Audrina was abducted, her captor planning to force her to elope with him. Giles foils those plans, but Audrina’s family can only think of the scandal. With her sister set to marry a duke right after the holidays, the Bradleighs just want to avoid any hint of a scandal. They believe that the best way to do so is to keep their daughter hidden away far from London. As a result, Audrina joins the Rutherfords in their adventure to find the infamous jewels.


Along the way, Giles and Audrina find solace in each other’s company. Giles is worried about his father, worried that the quest he is on is a fool’s errand. Audrina is cut off from her family dealing with the very real threat of exposure. They bond over a series of puzzle boxes that appear to have been clues left by Giles’ mother. What will Giles do once their quest is over? Will he return home to America to run the family paper mill? OR will he pursue his life-long dream of becoming an architect? Will Audrina’s past come to light? Will she be able to return to her family?


There is also a fun secondary romance between Richard and Lady Irving that is delightful. Lady Irving is a re-occurring character in this series and is hilarious. She and Giles match wits repeatedly, adding a comedic touch to the story. She and Richard make a lovely couple.


The search for the jewels is central to the plot of Season for Desire and adds a touch of whimsy to the story. I was quite caught up in the quest and the mystery of the puzzle boxes. I was in no way disappointed with the resolution of this adventure.


Need to curl up with a good book now that fall is here? Season for Desire will warm your heart and put you in the holiday mood – and will make you laugh.


Theresa Romain: http://www.theresaromain.com


Book Disclosure: An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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