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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 19:05

Review: 30 Days by Christine d'Abo

30Days30 Days by Christine d’Abo (erotic, Kensington, July 2015, $9.95, 288pp)




For years, Alyssa has been going to bed with a memory. Is she ready to wake up with a fantasy?


Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mate, but not Alyssa Barrow. She met Rob at nineteen, and they were set to live happily ever after—until he became ill. In his final days, Rob urged his beautiful, young wife not to abandon happiness—or pleasure. He even left her a special gift, a sexy game plan to help her move on: Thirty cards with instructions for thirty days of passion. You’ll know when the time is right, he’d said. Now it’s two years later, and when Alyssa meets her hot new neighbor, Harrison Kemp, she begins to think the right time is right now…


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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 19:16

Two New Adult Reviews: The Hook Up and Scratch


I’ve had a tough time with the New Adult romance genre. There are several reasons, but one of the major ones seems to be the glaring disparity in what books get that label. Also, I’ve been burned by many NA books that were just horrible reads for me. But lately, I’ve read some fantastic ones that are making me reevaluate my opinion. Both Kristen Callihan’s The Hook Up and Scratch by Rhonda Helms hit the sweet spot for me with college-set stories that combine sweet and sexy romances with deep emotional angst. The stories are not the same, but have the same type of feel. I highly recommend both.


The Hook Up has Drew, the star college quarterback and Anna, the standoffish woman who is determined to keep her emotions bottled up. Drew is the pursuer, a man who sees Anna and falls for her immediately. Anna is gun shy and suspicious of Drew’s motives. How could the school’s star quarterback like her? Additionally, she has learned that relationships don’t last from her mother who has never had any luck with men.


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MasterOperaMaster of the Opera: Acts 1-6 by Jeffe Kennedy (fantasy, Kensington, January-March 2014, $0.99ea, ~50pp each)


Summary (of Act 1):
Fresh out of college, Christine Davis is thrilled to begin a summer internship at the prestigious Sante Fe Opera House. But on her first day, she discovers that her dream job has a dark side. Beneath the theater, a sprawling maze of passageways are rumored to be haunted. Ghostly music echoes through the halls at night. And Christy’s predecessor has mysteriously disappeared. Luckily, Christy finds a friend and admirer in Roman Sanclaro, the theater’s wealthy and handsome patron. He convinces her there’s nothing to fear–until she hears the phantom’s voice for herself. Echoing in the labrynths. Singing of a lost love. Whispering her name: Christine.


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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 20:28

Book Review: The Chocolate Heart

the chocolate heartThe Chocolate Heart by Laura Florand (contemporary, Kensington, December 2013, $14.00, 368pp)

Series: part of The Chocolate series

No one hates Paris - except Summer Corey. The moody winters. The artists and their ennui. The inescapable shadow of the Tour Eiffel. But things go from bad to worse when Summer stumbles into brooding, gorgeous chef patissier Luc Leroi and indecently propositions the hero of French cuisine...Luc has scrambled up from a childhood panhandling in the Paris Metro to become the king of his city, and he has no patience for this spoiled princess, even if she does now own his restaurant. Who cares if she smiles with all the warmth of July? She doesn't eat dessert! There is only one way to tempt her. A perfect, impossibly sweet seduction...

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Laura Florand - Author PhotoToday, Laura Florand stops by to answer a few questions about her most recent release, The Chocolate Heart, an angsty yet wonderful touching romance set in Paris. The Chocolate is an RNN Recommended Read – and one of our picks for best contemporary romance of 2013. If you haven’t read this book (or if you haven’t read Laura Florand), we recommend you do so NOW!


1. Chocolate and Paris tickle so many women's romance sensors, and you manage to combine both in your current series. Why chocolate and why Paris?

I lived in Paris and met my own husband there, and I honestly did not always find that city easy. But it’s so vivid, so full of romance, and it’s layered with centuries and centuries of romantic power over people’s imaginations. It’s a symbol of going for that one big dream – you have to see Paris. There’s no other city quite like it. And the fact that it’s both hugely romantic and real, that you have to face the reality of your dream once you go to it, makes it all the more compelling for story, I think.


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Sunday, 02 December 2012 11:13

Review: Season for Surrender

Season-for-Surrender-186x300Season for Surrender” by Theresa Romain (historical, Kensington, October 2012, $6.99, 368pp)




Series: Book 2 in the Seasons Quartet


Alexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, has quite a reputation - for daring, wagering, and wickedness in all its delightful forms. But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport: Xavier must persuade a proper young lady to attend his famously naughty Christmas house party - and stay the full, ruinous two weeks. Worse, the lady is Louisa Oliver, a doe-eyed bookworm Xavier finds quite charming. Yet to refuse the challenge is impossible - he will simply have to appoint himself Miss Oliver's protector. Louisa knows her chance for a husband has passed. But she has no desire to retire into spinsterhood without enjoying a few grand adventures first. When Lord Xavier's invitation arrives, Louisa is more intrigued than insulted. And once inside the rogues' gallery, she just may have a thing or two to teach her gentlemen friends about daring.


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Monday, 24 September 2012 19:54

Review: Blaze

Blaze-199x300“Blaze” by Joan Swan (romantic suspense/paranormal, Kensington, October 2012, $14.00, 384pp)


Series: Book 2 in the Phoenix Rising series


The hotter they come, the harder they fall…


With a man like him, every mission becomes personal…
Ever since FBI agent Keira O’Shay started tracking a young boy named Mateo, she’s felt a connection even her empathic abilities can’t explain. She needs to save Mateo from the cult leader holding him hostage. Nothing can interfere with that—not even the reappearance of Luke Ransom, the hot-as-hell fire captain she’s regretted walking out on for three long years.


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Sunday, 01 April 2012 19:50

Review: Master of Sin

masterofsin200x300“Master of Sin” by Maggie Robinson (historical, Kensington, April 2012, $14.00, 305pp)


Series: The Courtesan Court

  1. “Mistress by Mistake” – Charlotte & Michael
  2. “Mistress by Midnight” – Desmond & Laurette
  3. “Mistress by Marriage” – Edward & Caroline
  4. “Master of Sin” – Andrew & Gemma


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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 19:30

Review: Fever

Fever.w.quotes“Fever” by Joan Swan (romantic suspense w/paranormal elements, Kensington, February 2012, $14.00, 352pp)




Series: Phoenix Rising

  1. “Fever” – Dr. Alyssa Foster & Teague Creek
  2. “Blaze” – Luke Ransom & Keira O’Shay (out in later 2012)


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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 18:43

Book Thoughts - Rough Play

rough-play.s_med“Rough Play” by Christina Crooks (erotic, Kensington, September 2011, $14.00, 320pp): I don’t normally review books that I purchase, mostly because I have so many review copies or ARCs to review. But I had several people ask me lately if there are books to which I have negative reactions. Granted, I usually choose to read review copies of books that I think I will like. I don’t think it is odd that I prefer to read books that I enjoy. I’m too busy to waste time on books that suck. But this weekend, I read the book “Rough Play” by Christina Crooks, and I had a very negative reaction. So, I thought I would share my thoughts on this one.


Charlotte is a professional dating coach struggling to make ends meet after her divorce from her abusively dominant husband Cory. When her client Gail goes missing after a date arranged by Charlotte, Charlotte ventures to a fetish club named Subspace to search for Gail. Charlotte immediately runs into Master Martin, a man to whom she is incredibly attracted, but also happens to be the man she set up with Gail.


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