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Review: The Rogue Pirate's Bride

rogue-pirate-200“The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” by Shana Galen (historical, Sourcebooks, February 2012, $6.99, 352pp)


Series: Sons of Revolution

  1. “The Making of a Duchess” – Julien Harcourt, Duc de Valere & Sarah Smith
  2. “The Making of a Gentleman” – Armand Harcourt, Comte de Valere & Felcity Bennett
  3. “The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” – Sebastien Harcourt, Marquis de Valere & Raeven Russell


“The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” by Shana Galen is the last of three books about the Harcourts, a family of French aristocrats that was pulled apart and devastated by the French Revolution. This one is the story of Sebastien Harcourt, a man who made his way in the world by becoming a privateer on the open ocean. Known as Captain Cutlass, Bastien has spent his life trying to forget his past and making a notorious name for himself. But, he meets his match in Raeven Russell, the daughter of an admiral in the British navy. Raised at sea, Raeven is no debutante. She is a woman on a mission – a mission to make Captain Cutlass pay for his sins.


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RNNREad2-3“A Lady Never Surrenders” by Sabrina Jeffries (review copy)
Review to come


“Last Man Standing” by Cindy Gerard (ebook)
I’m relatively new to the world of Cindy Gerard. However, I was quite eager to read this book after being hooked by “With No Remorse.” Joe Green made for a very compelling hero. I also loved the fact that Stephanie is the driving force behind getting Joe out of trouble half a world away. Cindy Gerard has become a must read for me over the past year, and “Last Man Standing” only cemented this feeling.


“The Male Stripper” by Opal Carew (ebook, review copy)
See review


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Sunday, 05 February 2012 14:04

Review: Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Secrets_Countess“Secrets of an Accidental Duchess” by Jennifer Haymore (historical, Grand Central, February 2012, $7.99, 432pp)


Series: The Donovan Sisters

  1. “Confessions of an Improper Bride” – Serena and Jonathan Dane, Earl of Stratford
  2. “Once Upon a Wicked Night” – bridge ebook between “Confessions” and “Secrets”
  3. “Secrets of an Accidental Duchess” – Olivia and Max
  4. “Pleasures of a Tempted Lady” – Captain William Langley and Meg Donovan (to be released August 1, 2012)


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Saturday, 04 February 2012 15:02

Review: Firelight

cover-firelight“Firelight” by Kristen Callihan (historical, paranormal, Grand Central, February 2012, $5.99, 400pp)




From this moment that I started reading Kristen Callihan’s “Firelight,” I was hooked. I couldn’t resist the firestarting heroine and the deeply tortured hero finding true love in dark London. The mystery kept me turning the pages with gusto as I tried to figure out what possible ailment affected said hero, Lord Benjamin Archer and how it all might be resolved. Callihan kept me guessing with this riveting romance.


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Thursday, 02 February 2012 20:50

Review: How to Dance With a Duke

howtodancewithaduke-200x330“How to Dance With a Duke” by Manda Collins (historical, St. Martins, January 2012, $7.99, 352pp)


Series: The Ugly Ducklings, book 1


Miss Cecily Hurston has a big problem. Her father, Viscount Hurston, is in trouble. He is very sick, but is also the subject of some cruel rumors that suggest he may have killed his assistant, Will Dalton. Cecily wants to continue her father’s work with Egyptian antiquities to prove that Hurston had no hand in any scandalous behavior. However, no one is willing to help – especially not Will’s brother Lucas, Duke of Winterson.


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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 21:27

Review: Impact

Impact“Imapact” by Cassandra Carr (erotic, Ellora’s Cave, February 2011, $7.50, 114pp): Connor Raub is a professional bull rider and also a Dom. However, he only indulges his dominant tendencies at an exclusive BDSM club afraid that the conservative people and sponsors in the world of bull riding wouldn’t understand his personal lifestyle choices. Yet, he is intrigued by the new girl working with the tour, Jessica Talbot and has a hard time restraining his desires.


Jessica is of course a submissive, one who has lusted after Connor since seeing him engaged in a scene at his club. She is flattered when Connor expresses interest in her, but then disappointed when he balks at indulging in kink. He adamantly believes that they need to keep their relationship vanilla because of his career.


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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 10:37

Debut Author Spotlight: Manda Collins

manda_collinsRNN welcomes debut author Manda Collins whose historical romance "How to Dance with a Duke" released yesterday. RNN is giving away a copy of Collins' debut book to one lucky commenter. Read to the end to find out how to enter.


Q: Your debut historical romance "How to Dance with a Duke" releases on January 31st. It features a heroine, Miss Cecily Hurston, a bluestocking who is an Egyptian antiquities scholar and is desperate to continue her father's work. She is a bit of a spitfire. How did you create her character?


A: Since I was one of those nerdy girls in high school, I've always been fascinated by the nineteenth century version of the girl nerd, the bluestocking. I knew when I was planning this trilogy that I needed my three heroines to all be gifted at something. I'm not sure when Egyptology entered the picture, but as soon as it did I knew Cecily could be nothing other than a languages and antiquities expert. The rest just fell into place.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 20:52

Jennifer’s January 2012 Reads

Monthly Totals:
Total Books Read: 58
Ebooks Read: 50
Paper Books Read: 8
Review Copies Read: 21
Re-read Books: 2
Borrowed: 1


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Review: Space in My Heart

spaceinhisheartflat“Space in His Heart” by Roxanne St. Claire (romantic suspense, self-published, November 2011, $3.99, 285pp)




In romancelandia, there are lots of heroes with cool professions or personas: dukes, cowboys, doctors, military men, vampires, immortal warriors, FBI agents, firemen, etc. But, there is one fascinating profession that is seriously underrepresented – astronaut. They are men who wear flight suits, love to serve their country and have an unholy love of speed (btw, I would love to see a heroine astronaut too). Sounds like perfect hero material to me. As such, I was excited to learn that Roxanne St. Claire had written a romance featuring an astronaut in “Space in His Heart.” When she offered me a review copy, I could not say no. And the result is an action-packed, emotional thrill ride that even has a romance – a romance that made my heart very happy.


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Monday, 30 January 2012 21:18

Review: The Male Stripper & The Stranger

E_TheMaleStripper_250"The Male Stripper (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, December 2011, $0.99, 42pp) and "The Stranger (Red Hot Fantasies)" (erotica, self-published/Edge of Ecstasy, January 2012, $0.99, 30pp) by Opal Carew

Opal Carew has a new erotica series featuring several women friends who each fulfill their deepest fantasies. Each woman's fantasy is detailed in a very brief story. I would consider these stories to be erotica rather than erotic romance as there is little-to-no character development and no happy ending (well, I guess that depends on your definition of a happy ending).

The first story is "The Male Stripper" and has Becca's fantasy of getting down and dirty with a gorgeous and hot male stripper that she hired for a friend's bachelorette party. But she gets a little bit more than she bargained for when Cal the stripper returns to her house later that evening with his friend Don in tow. Not only do they fulfill Becca's fantasy, but also Don's – which involves a female client getting frisky during an audition. A night of sexy dancing and erotic pleasure ensues with the three.


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