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Author Interview: Sarah MacLean

RogueByAnyOtherName1RNN interviews author Sarah MacLean. Sarah's latest release, "A Rogue by Any Other Name" was released on February 28, 2012 by Avon.


Read to the end to find out how to win an autographed copy of "A Rogue by Any Other Name."



Q: In December, you were in London for a week. Did you do any research for your books while you were there? If so, can you tell us a bit about what you were researching?


A: I try to get to London at least once a year for a research trip “to fill the creative well,” so to speak. Usually, I go in the spring, but this year I really wanted to do a Christmas visit, in part because A Rogue By Any Other Name has a bit of a Christmas feel to it.


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RNNREad2-3“Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn (review copy)
See review


“Sybil Disobedience” by Brynn Paulin (ebook)
In this erotic romance, Kellon wants to get back together with Sybil who used to be his submissive. However, she ended their relationship because Kellon would not spank her – something she needs as part of her relationship. Is Kellon finally able to spank the woman he loves? This is a solid erotic romance.


“Red Lust” by Sindra van Yssel (ebook)
Stella and Ethan hit it off when they meet and play at a local BDSM club. They each find someone who seems to want and need the same types of things. But Stella is skittish about a relationship, especially when she learns that she will be treating Ethan for an arm injury (she is a physical therapist). There is an interesting dynamic between the two because, of course, Ethan needs his hand for spanking – and Stella can’t trust Ethan to not push himself to hard. This is a decent book, but I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the therapist/patient dynamic interfering with (or juxtaposing against) their intimate relationship.


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Sunday, 04 March 2012 18:25

Review: Immersed in Pleasure

Immeresed_-_Small“Immersed in Pleasure” by Tiffany Reisz (erotic, Harlequin, March 2012, $2.99, 213kb): I read lots of erotic romance, and frankly, it isn’t often that I’m surprised by them. But a virgin, mermaid heroine? That certainly isn’t the norm. And, in her latest Harlequin Spice Brief “Immersed in Pleasure,” author Tiffany Reisz creates a watery world where these virgin mermaids tantalize and seduce.


Beneath an exclusive club resides a hidden world where a powerful businessman reigns over an underground fantasy world where women work as mermaids. The women are treated like queens. In return, they must remain virgins, have scales tattooed on their legs, swim in a large pool and flirt with the patrons. When they choose to lose their virginity, they lose their mermaid status.


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hitwoman“Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn (contemporary, Avon Impulse, February 2012, $7.99, 400pp)




For those who might be looking for some levity to balance out the craziness of life, “Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman” by JB Lynn might be just the thing. Think Stephanie Plum (from Janet Evanovich’s Plum series), Charley Davidson (from Darynda Jones’ books) and Mrs. Smith (character played by Angelina Jolie in the movie, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) rolled up into the hilarious Maggie Lee who will have readers wondering if their friends might be moonlighting as bumbling hitmen and hitwomen. Be prepared to laugh, to shake your head in amazement and to root for this killer in training.


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Review: The Husband Hunt

husbandhunt_150“The Husband Hunt” by Lynsay Sands (historical, Avon, March 2012, $7.99, 384pp)



  1. “The Countess” – Christiana & Richard
  2. “The Heiress” – Suzette & Daniel
  3. “The Husband Hunt” – Lisa & Robert


Hmm. I’m having a difficult time trying to process by thoughts on Lynsay Sands’ “The Husband Hunt.” It is the final book in a trilogy about the three Madison sisters. Christiana found her true love in “The Countess” and Suzette in “The Heiress” – two books that actually take place at the same time. I love both of these books. They were extremely funny and sweet. I was so anxious for the third book, especially since Lisa has been pining for Robert since the start of the series. While parts of the story surpassed my expectations, others made me want to yell loudly (and throw things).


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Review: Fever

Fever.w.quotes“Fever” by Joan Swan (romantic suspense w/paranormal elements, Kensington, February 2012, $14.00, 352pp)




Series: Phoenix Rising

  1. “Fever” – Dr. Alyssa Foster & Teague Creek
  2. “Blaze” – Luke Ransom & Keira O’Shay (out in later 2012)


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Jennifer’s February 2012 Reads

Monthly Totals:
Total Books Read: 63
Ebooks Read: 52
Paper Books Read: 11
Review Copies Read: 17
Re-read Books: 19
Borrowed: 1


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Debut Author Spotlight: Joan Swan

joan.swan.smallRNN welcomes debut author Joan Swan. Find out more about the author and her book "Fever" which was released yesterday by Kensington.


To learn more about Joan Swan, read on past the interview. Commenters will also be eligible to win a copy of "Fever" and be entered into Swan's drawing for a Kindle Fire.


Q: "Fever" is your debut book. It features Teague Creek, a man unjustly imprisoned as part of a wider government conspiracy. Can you give us some background?


A: A mysterious explosion at a military warehouse injuries a team of seven hazmat firefighters, killing one.  The contents of the building, extremely confidential and dangerous radioactive chemicals used by the Department of Defense in secret scientific experiments, have inflicted the team with various paranormal abilities.  Abilities the government wants to study covertly.  Abilities the team wants to understand and expose.  With military advancement and national power at risk on one side and personal health and freedom at stake on the other, each group is fighting for precious stakes.


FEVER is about one of the seven firefighters, Teague Creek, convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, framed by a government threatened by his prying questions into the warehouse explosion.


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Review: A Rogue by Any Other Name

RogueByAnyOtherName1“A Rogue by Any Other Name” by Sarah MacLean (historical, Avon, March 2012, $7.99, 400pp)



There are books I like, books I love, books I hate, books I enjoy, books that move me, etc. Then, there are those books with which I connect on such an intense level that they are destined to hold positions of honor on my exalted shelf of romance-novel favorites. I can’t even pretend that Sarah MacLean’s “A Rogue by Any Other Name” isn’t already firmly ensconced on that shelf. From the moment that Bourne, its hero, appeared (on page 1, I believe), I was captivated. I know that I mentioned on Twitter the first time I read this book that Bourne had conquered my heart and that he was vying for the title of favorite hero with Han Solo (from “Star Wars”), Devil Cynster (from Stephanie Laurens’ “Devil’s Bride”) and James Mallory (from Johanna Lindsey’s “Gentle Rogue”).


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RNNREad2-3“About That Night” by Julie James (review copy)
This book isn’t out until April 3, 2012 – review to come


“The Reins of Love” by Tara Buckley (ebook)
This novella is a prequel or sorts to “The Realm of You” and is the story of Tolo and his wife Beatriz. This is one of those times that I SO wanted a much longer story. Tolo is a rather fascinating character. He fell in love with Beatriz immediately and seduced her into his extremely kinky lifestyle. I just felt as if there is so much more to the story than we got here.


“Learning Curve” by Diana Hunter (ebook)
I think I read the previously published version of this one (from Ellora’s Cave). It is a good story about two students (one a dominant) starting a new relationship. There is a sweetness and romantic feel to this story that I really liked.


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