“A Desperate Wife” by Brienne Jolie (ebook)
In this one, a wife suspects that her husband is cheating on her. It is a very short read that shows the husband and wife reconnecting one day when the husband takes a day off from work. The story is hot, but there is little development – and I wasn’t actually convinced that any problems were solved.


“Lust Becomes You” by Desiree Holt (ebook)
This is a short, erotic romance in which lovers are reunited on a snowy Valentine’s Day. It is a very quick read. I liked the characters and the BDSM elements work very well.


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Sunday, 19 February 2012 17:33

Review: Nightfire

Nightfire1-199x300“Nightfire” by Lisa Marie Rice (erotic, romantic suspense, Avon Red, February 2012, $13.99, 320pp)


Series: The Protectors

  1. “Into the Crossfire” – Sam Reston & Nicole Pearce
  2. “Hotter than Wildfire” – Harry Bolt & Eve
  3. “Nightfire” – Mike Keilor & Chloe Mason


Lisa Marie Rice has romanticizing action and adventure stories down to a science. In “Nightfire,” readers get an emotionally-charged tale of a sister finding her long-lost family, of a fragile woman and a tortured man finding true love and of good guys taking down a nasty group of Russian, pedophiliac sex slavers. The story kept me on the edge of my seat, like most of Rice’s novels do.


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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 20:22

Review: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel

MissHillarySchools“Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel” by Samantha Grace (historical, Sourcebooks, February 2012, $6.99, 412pp): How do I talk about “Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel,” Samantha Grace’s debut historical romance? I don’t really know. I had a very difficult time reading this book. While it had a strong setup and characters I thought were great together (well, at first), the central source of conflict between the hero and the heroine was The Big Misunderstanding – ok, really The Big Misunderstandings that happened again and again and again. The story showed such promise but that promise was not realized.


Miss Lana Hillary is in her second season – and is still unwed. Her mother is obsessively worried that Lana has no prospects and is pushing less than desirable men at her daughter. Lana catches the attention of Lord Andrew Forest, a younger son of a duke who is rake, scoundrel and pleasure seeker. Yet, something about Lana calls to Drew, so much so that he cannot stay away from her – despite his brother’s explicit order to leave the innocent woman alone.


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Monday, 13 February 2012 21:11

Thoughts on e-shorts

With the prevalence of ebooks and self-publishing, book lengths have changed dramatically. The ebook market is flooded with short stories (under 7500 words), novelettes (7500 to 17,500 words), novellas (17,500 to 40,000 words), etc – stories that are shorter than novels (over 40,000 words). It takes a while to get used to checking prices against word counts in order to be sure of exactly what one is buying. I think that I’ve got a handle on this now and very rarely buy a book without be very aware it its length.


However, I’m noticing something new-ish (at least to me) in digital publishing: e-shorts that are prequels, bridge stories or introductions to full-length books that are being released in both print and paper. I’ve read three of these e-shorts recently, and I’m having trouble with the concept.


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“Karma” by Carly Phillips (review copy)
This is the first book that I have read by Carly Phillips, but it won’t be the last. I actually started reading this after the Patriots loss in the Superbowl because I needed something to cheer me up. I choose this one because Phillips is a fellow Patriots’ fan. A full review to come closer to this one’s May 1, 2012 release date.


RNNREad2-3“Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples” anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (book)
This anthology contains a great collection of erotic stories featuring couples rediscovering their relationships through passionate fantasies – in all sorts of varied situations. I thought of all of the stories excellent, but particularly enjoyed Kate Pearce’s military-themed contribution titled “Warrior,” Karenna Colcroft’s “Out of Control” in which the dominant Reyn pushes Alia to accept her masturbatory urges,  and Justine Elyot’s D/s’ story “The Netherlands.” Oh, and I read without my husband – so I guess this isn’t just for couples (I find this subtitle strange).


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Monday, 13 February 2012 13:55

Review: The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae

EARLfrontcoversmaller“The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae” by Stephanie Laurens (historical, Avon, January 2012, $7.99, 496pp)




Series: The Cynster Sisters’ Trilogy & 18th Cynster book

  1. “Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue” – Heather Cynster & Viscount Breckenridge
  2. In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster” – Eliza Cynster & Jeremy Carling
  3. “The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae” – Angelica Cynster & the Earl of Glencrae


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Sunday, 12 February 2012 21:32

Review: Intimate Exposure

intimateexposure_300h“Intimate Exposure” by Portia Da Costa (erotic, Carina, February 2012, $3.99, 40,000 words)




In “Intimate Exposure,” Portia Da Costa’s latest erotic romance, Vicki Renard is an executive at a company that has recently been sold to a mysterious new owner, F.W. Shanley. Red Webster is a photographer working to create a company profile as part of the management transition. Red likes to tease the oh-so serious and proper Vicki. However on one visit, he playfully takes Vicki’s ereader and sees that she is reading “The Story of O,” a tale about one woman’s submissive journey. Suspecting that Vicki’s reading choice spoke to her sexual desires, Red intensifies his pursuit of her.


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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 15:13

Review: Not Wicked Enough

nwe_h“Not Wicked Enough” by Carolyn Jewel (historical, Berkley, February 2012, $7.99, 320pp)




Series: Seducing the Scoundrels

  1. “Not Wicked Enough” – Lily & Mountjoy
  2. “Not Proper Enough” – Ginny & Fenrith (to be released in September of 2012)


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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 19:18

Review: The Rogue Pirate's Bride

rogue-pirate-200“The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” by Shana Galen (historical, Sourcebooks, February 2012, $6.99, 352pp)


Series: Sons of Revolution

  1. “The Making of a Duchess” – Julien Harcourt, Duc de Valere & Sarah Smith
  2. “The Making of a Gentleman” – Armand Harcourt, Comte de Valere & Felcity Bennett
  3. “The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” – Sebastien Harcourt, Marquis de Valere & Raeven Russell


“The Rogue Pirate’s Bride” by Shana Galen is the last of three books about the Harcourts, a family of French aristocrats that was pulled apart and devastated by the French Revolution. This one is the story of Sebastien Harcourt, a man who made his way in the world by becoming a privateer on the open ocean. Known as Captain Cutlass, Bastien has spent his life trying to forget his past and making a notorious name for himself. But, he meets his match in Raeven Russell, the daughter of an admiral in the British navy. Raised at sea, Raeven is no debutante. She is a woman on a mission – a mission to make Captain Cutlass pay for his sins.


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RNNREad2-3“A Lady Never Surrenders” by Sabrina Jeffries (review copy)
Review to come


“Last Man Standing” by Cindy Gerard (ebook)
I’m relatively new to the world of Cindy Gerard. However, I was quite eager to read this book after being hooked by “With No Remorse.” Joe Green made for a very compelling hero. I also loved the fact that Stephanie is the driving force behind getting Joe out of trouble half a world away. Cindy Gerard has become a must read for me over the past year, and “Last Man Standing” only cemented this feeling.


“The Male Stripper” by Opal Carew (ebook, review copy)
See review


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