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Review: The Runaway Countess

Runaway_countess“The Runaway Countess” by Leigh LaValle (historical, Samhain, March 2012, $6.50, 299pp)

Her heart longs for justice, but her body clamors for sin.


Once the darling of high society, Mazie Chetwyn knows firsthand how quickly the rich and powerful turn their backs on the less fortunate. Orphaned, penniless and determined to defy their ruthless whims, she joins forces with a local highwayman who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

Then the pawn broker snitches, and Mazie is captured by the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire. A man who is far too handsome, far too observant…and surely as corrupt as his father once was.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012 20:47

Review: Wicked Burn

Wicked_Burn“Wicked Burn” by Beth Kery (erotic, Berkley, reprinted May 2012, $7.99, 336pp)




He wanted all of her…

Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it. And what he wants is his sexy neighbor, Niall Chandler. So when he sees her in the hallway of their building being harassed by an aggressive suitor, Vic makes his move—and finds himself greatly rewarded…


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Thursday, 17 May 2012 14:53

Review: Make Me

Make_Me_325x465“Make Me” by Charlotte Stein (erotic, Mischief, May 2012, $3.99, 120pp)


An intense ménage leaves their friendship in tatters, but now, ten years later, things don’t seem quite as forbidden. Two guys, one girl … all possibilities. Maisie had no idea her best friends could be so kinky. But now, ten years after the most intense sexual encounter of her life, she’s about to discover just how sexually flexible they can be. Forced to face Brandon and Tyler, Maisie comes up against something she doesn’t expect: the intensity of her own desires for things best left in the past. But once Brandon’s confessed to her just how persuasive Tyler can be when it comes to kinky encounters, Maisie finds that some things can never be buried. She wants them both, and she’s no longer afraid to admit it…


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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 19:34

Author Interview: Charlotte Stein

Make_Me_325x465RNN welcomes erotic romance author Charlotte Stein. Stein’s latest story, “Make Me” from the new imprint Mischief, released today. Read on to learn more from an interview conducted by Jennifer Porter.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Charlotte Stein the author?

A: Let's see...I'm primarily an erotic romance author, but have dabbled both in the erotica side of things and the more romantic side of things. I like all genres, too, so I've got books with werewolves in them, books about the zombie apocalypse, contemporaries, sci-fi epics...you name it, I like to write it. Which is probably terrible for all that building a brand macguffin, but wonderful for my noggin. I just love to tell a story, basically, and always have - and erotic romance gives me a wonderful opportunity to keep the bedroom door open, too. One of my pet peeves about sci-fi novels in general is the almost antiseptic, sexless approach to relationships. Nobody bonks on the Enterprise!

So I'm putting the bonking in myself.

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Monday, 14 May 2012 20:40

Review: Holiday Affair

Holiday_Affair“Holiday Affair” by Annie Seaton (contemporary, Entangled, March 2012, $2.99, 119pp)


Staid professor Lissy McIntyre believes that choosing a mate should be based on common sense, not runaway passion. And she would certainly never pick a rolling stone like Nick Richards for long-term love. But a red-hot, tropical romance? Oh, yeah. He’s got a body just made for sinning and his sizzling kisses leave her senseless.

When Nick blows into town, he’s stunned to discover that his no-nonsense new neighbor and co-worker is the same sultry creature he seduced for one night of forbidden island pleasure. He’s unaccustomed to staying in one place for long, but he just can’t seem to keep his hands off the multi-faceted woman. Will Nick break loyal Lissy’s heart or will she be the one woman he simply can’t walk away from?


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“The Hostage Bargain” by Annika Martin (ebook)
I saw information about this book and the author on Twitter and decided to read the book. I was curious about how a romance between a hostage and her three kidnappers would work. I thought the story was well written; there was great sexual tension; and there were some seriously hot sex scenes. However, the heroes are bank robbers who kidnap the heroine. They are fairly good to her, no question – and it is her decision to stay with them. I just couldn’t get over the violent nature of the back story.


“Hearts in Darkness” by Laura Kaye (ebook)
This is a great read. Two people, who didn’t really get to see each other, are stuck in a dark elevator together. Cade has issues with the dark due to a childhood trauma. Fortunately, Makenna helps keep him calm. The two talk, unburdening themselves. When they end up in close quarters, they also find out they have an explosive attraction between them. But what will happen when the lights come back on? This is an emotional and sexy story that is well worth a read.


“Yours to Take” by Joely Sue Burkhart (ebook, review copy)
Review to come.


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Review: Game Misconduct

Game_Misconduct“Game Misconduct” by Bianca Sommerland (erotic, self-published, February 2012, $0.99, 314pp)


Series: The Dartmouth Cobras #1


The game has always cast a shadow over Oriana Delgado's life. She should hate the game. But she doesn't. The passion and the energy of the sport is part of her. But so is the urge to drop the role of the Dartmouth Cobra owner's 'good daughter' and find a less...conventional one.

Playmaker, Max Perron, never expected a woman to accept him and his twisted desires. Oriana came close, but he wasn't surprised when she walked away. A girl like her needs normal. Which he can't give her. He's too much of a team player, and not just on the ice.

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Entranced-Publishing-banner1aEntranced Publishing is a new ebook company that will be launching in April of 2013. Read on to hear what Ashley Christman, Executive Editor/Publisher, has to say about the venture.


Q: Tell us a bit about Entranced Publishing?

A: Entranced Publishing is an eBook publisher specializing in romance and all its subgenres, erotic romance, and YA. We’re based out of Minneapolis, MN, but due to the online nature of our house, we are able to conduct business worldwide. Founded in March 2012, we just opened our doors for submissions. Even though we are new, we emphasize quality, which is why we are taking our time with our selection process. In hiring our team, we sought only quality editors and artist who had the experience and know-how to move our house forward. We are doing the same thing with manuscripts. Never will we contract something just to fill a roster. We want readers to know the Entranced name and equate it with great reading material.


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Review: Beguiling the Beauty

beguiling-the-beauty-150x240“Beguiling the Beauty” by Sherry Thomas (historic, Berkley Sensation, May 2012, $7.99, 304pp)




Series: The Fitzhugh Trilogy

  1. “Beguiling the Beauty” – Venetia Easterbrook & the Duke of Lexington
  2. “Ravishing the Heiress” – Millicent Fitzhugh & the Earl Fitzhugh
  3. “Tempting the Bride” – Helene Fitzhugh & David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings


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“Holiday Affair” by Annie Seaton (ebook, review copy)
Review to come


“A Little Harmless Fascination” by Melissa Schroeder (ebook, review copy)
See review


RNNREad2-3“The Siren” by Tiffany Reisz (ebook)
See review


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